Ken Hatfield for AD

Would be viewed as a candidate?

No better Hog than Ken. And he is even a better man. He has a passion for our state and program. Love the guy. But we need an AD that has talents in fund raising and managing a huge department.

LDHog, if that is what we need, why did they just fire him?

That said, I certainly agree with your assessment, but, it seems that the real truth is: We need an AD who hires coaches that win in basketball and especially football. Not sure that there will be any emphasis anymore on doing it within the rules.

Bingo. Ken is great, but I doubt he has the personality or talent to be the AD. There are some former Hogs who might, but I don’t think Ken is one of them. I heard Kevin Scanlon’s name come up on the radio. He’s been successful in business. Seems smart. He’s certainly got the “hog bona fides.”