Kelvin Sampson

Was his post game “handshake” just him being a jerk? Does he have some past feud with Mike Anderson, or something he was mad about tonight? Was it just some macho, “I’m not going to pretend to be gracious when I’m hacked off about losing”? That cold shouldered wisp of a handshake looked like old Big East wars between Jim Calhoun and Jim Boeheim. Bobby Petrino showed more civility and warmth after a game than Sampson did tonight.

Glad someone else caught that. That was wild. I’d be interested in hearing a backstory.

He’s just mad that he’s 0-2 in the SEC standings.

Kelvin seems to always be that way when he loses. When he has lost to Tulsa, he has been the same way.

Noticed that, too. Unless we hear it from Sampson, I doubt we hear a backstory. MA is a high road type of guy. He seemed surprised by it.