Kelvin Sampson

He makes a lot of sense, hired at Houston by our current AD. He has returned a once proud program to relevance. Why not?

I don’t think our AD hired him although he was his boss before leaving.

I’m not sure how old he is if you are looking for someone to be around a while.

Not sure what happened to him at Oklahoma.

But he is no doubt doing well at Houston and I would think be on a list should there be a change. … ssion=true

Interesting to read about how he became an offensive tactician, learning from NBA coaches. I don’t see that sort of evolution from Mike. Same old stuff every year.

If he is no longer in trouble with the NCAA and doing it the right way at Houston, maybe he’s one to consider if we have a change.

I bet our AD consults his opinion in any case.

Thanks for the link. Interesting story.

We hired Danny Ford, a highly successful but NCAA tainted coach. So to say we never hire coaches that have had accusations is false.


Sampson was hired April 2, 2014

Yuracek became AD April 30, 2015.

Sampson would be the best X and O coach since Sutton. He is as good as Eddie.

Anybody got any insight to his problems w the NCAA? All I’m seeing is impermissible phone calls.

That’s essentially it.

I was watching the Houston-UConn game Thursday, realized how high they are ranked. and they were playing GREAT, so my first thought was the same as yours, I bet HY hired Houston’s coach, so he’d be a nice coach for us.

Then I googled who Houston’s coach was…ugh, Kelvin Sampson, 2 time fired coach for cheating.

Not what I’m looking for. Mike is such a man of integrity and character, that replacing him with KS would make my stomach turn.


I believe he resigned from IU, though I am sure that is a technicality. Don’t believe he was fired twice.

He’d be close to the top of my list. At 63, would be a bit older than you would want, but he could roll with it for 7-8 years and hand it over to the next guy.

I would love to have him. Kelvin can flat out coach and reminds me of Eddie Sutton. He held a 2 1/2 hr practice the night before a game just coaching (reiterating) fundamentals. His team makes very few mistakes because they are ready and know how to play. The Hogs would be very fortunate to have him as a coach but it’ll never happen. He has a great arena, practice facility & enough players within a 50 mile radius to reach the final four. If that’s not enough, Tilman Fertitta the Rockets owner as well as multi casino and restaurant ownerships will call and raise any offer made to him. Money will never be an issue for UH.

It doesn’t matter who the coach is, if you can’t recruit top 40 out of state players to Arkansas, you are not going to win to make it past the first couple of rounds in the NCAAT. Although an exception may be possible, it is an established fact that top 40 out of state players are not coming to Arkansas. Steven Hill in 2004 is the last top forty out of state players to play for the U of A. In fact, since 2004 most in-state top 40 players have chosen to play for teams outside the state.

It is highly unlikely that will change because no basketball recruit is old enough to remember when the Razorbacks were considered to be a good or even a potientially good basketball team.

You may need top 40 out of state talent but it would be nice to keep our top 40 instate talent. I know the perception of why they all left but where would we be if 1/2 of those who left had stayed? Mike has done a lot of good for this program but our talent level is and has been below what it takes to win- consistently. Somehow that has to change.

BJ Young

How did we do so well better part of three decades only missing two NCAA tournaments between 77 and 2001 with no talent?

And unlike football, you don’t need huge talent numbers - just the right ones each year.

We may not have the best recruiters but Arkansas had at one point a highly recognized national program and I dare say had a little talent from outside the state as well.

Started with 1 year wonder boy Stan Heath hire from that power house “Kent St”