Kelly Bryant

Al least 2 will need to go. Hyatt & kelly most probable. I think Ty stays because technically it’s still his job to lose & plus he would be the most viable backup in case of injury to Bryant. Then there is Austin Aune still in the mix somewhere I think. (Non scholarship tho).

Aune, I believe, is at TCU. I know he left in the spring.

I could see Storey leaving if Jefferson established himself as #2 in the spring (with KB at #1 obviously). Otherwise he probably stays. Noland and JSJ, no idea. Noland might just go full-time baseball if he looks like he won’t play any time soon. But this is pure conjecture. KB isn’t here yet.

It would be a incredible get. #reallivegamechanger

It would be the biggest thing to happen around here in a looooong time

Ok wasn’t sure about Aune. Still think 2 QB’s leave if Bryant comes here.

Kiss this thought goodbye.

Austin Aune is at North Texas, with Cole Hedlund. Yes, the same North Texas team that took our Hogs behind the woodshed several weeks ago inside Donald Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Go Hogs!

Nobody knows if Kelly Bryant is interested or not

Nobody knows…is it CONFIRMED he is visiting next weekend?

Yes , I read he will be here for Tulsa

Then I’d say he’s interested unless he is almost certain to go to N.C. and is just taking a visit.

Coach Morris being our head coach makes him interested. I’m sure it’s the only reason he is at this point.

That and our less than good QB situation (although Storey is playing at a high level for his ability).

ha, yeah I read it too! Confirmed by DD or RD?

Interesting, according to the Clemson paper, Bryant was seen on Campus at the NC this weekend, Clemson and NC are in different divisions and play rarely, once every 8 years. Next year in Chapel Hill is one of those rare years!