Kelly Bryant

Officially visiting Arkansas on October 20th

Just saw that.

Can one or more of the writers help me out on this. I would love to have Bryant added to the team for next season, but wasn’t one of the selling points to Jefferson that he could come in, compete, and possibly win the starting job as a freshmen? If so, considering if Bryant were to come here it wouldn’t be to sit on the bench, could that effect Jefferson’s decision to come here?

Personally, if Bryant coming here for a year will stop Jefferson(who will be here at least 3-4 years) from coming, then I don’t want Bryant.

The word is that KJ has actually reached out to Kelly and told him that he’d love for him to come to Arkansas. I don’t think that’s an issue at all.

I think K.J. is solid no matter what, and honestly I wouldn’t expect him to be the starter next year anyways.

If that’s the case, then wonderful job by our current commits(I know Knox has said he wants Bryant) and staff in getting him to campus for a visit. Continue to sell the program.

And he might not be, but I just thought I read somewhere that early playing time was a factor in his decision. I could be(probably am) wrong on that.

I think your DEAD wrong, unless your saying KJ was promised to start. I don’t think KJ would want to come to a program where he was PROMISED to start. Possibly the young man is a competitor. He wants to compete. No guarantee he can beat out Conner Noland or young Jones for that matter.

If the young man was to say, well, if you sign this guy I’m not coming, I don’t think he is your guy to lead the team.

Yes part of the recruiting pitch was KJ would have the chance to “compete” for starting QB position. As far as that goes he still will compete for it. But I’m sure he is bright enough to know that 1 year of learning behind a QB that ran this system for a few years & knows it very well can only benefit him.


Holy crap…its on like donkey kong if Bryant chooses the Hogs

Pac Monster Hog is getting ready for natural grass.

Get us some road graders and these Hogs will be feared.

I guess I’m not excited about bringing someone in for a year who got beat out somewhere else and set back the QBs we are developing.

He got beat out by a 5* QB, one of the best coming out of HS in the last decade. And he would help develop our future QB (KJ Jefferson)

I can’t imagine a better outcome for our Hogs to get a QB like Bryant for next season, he has the experience in this offense, is a proven commodity that our young QB’s can learn from and actually help in their development.
I just hope that he makes his decision soon and gets on campus right away, so that he can develop relationships and be ready to take the reins in spring practice.

Go Hogs!

Who’s he going to set back?

This isn’t just a good available QB, but a QB well versed in an offense that our current QB’s & other skill players are still trying to grasp.
Everybody thinks KJ (class 3-A) 3-4 star rating, will just come in here & take over the position but there are a couple of pretty good ones ahead of him who won state championships in the biggest/best divisions in their states.
Wasn’t too long ago we had the National Gatorade Player of the year #1 5 Star QB come to the Hogs & that didn’t turn out to well. Proof still has to be shown on the field against SEC defenses.

When I went to watch KJ play, I asked him if he was coming in with the mentality to play next year.

His response:

“As far as myself, I feel like any quarterback who commits to a school should come in and be ready to compete for the job and if he is the best for that time get to play,” Jefferson said.

“It shouldn’t be handed to him, but if he is the best and can put the team over the top, then it is time to go ahead and play him.

“I am just planning on coming into Fayetteville and working my butt off from day one and start working my way up the depth chart.”

His attitude is just as it should be. Work for everything you get.

I think it would help the other positions on offense to develop for 2020 forward to have Bryant come in next year. It is important for the other positions to get used to how the offense will work with a high-level talent recruited for the system running the show.
It also would give CM more time to groom the 2020 starter at QB.

Of course, Bryant would have to win the job.

One way or another, we are going to lose some QBs off the roster after this season. It could be one, it could be three, but given the way college football works these days, I just can’t see all the current guys sticking around.

Quite frankly, if we have two QBs coming in (Bryant and Jefferson), I don’t think it will be healthy for all the QBs to stay. That room can get too crowded, especially considering you can only play one at a time. A guy like Hyatt can get lost in a hurry and seems to already have. We’ll see.