Kelly Bryant

I suspect he will have a career day next Friday, but from the few times I have seen him play, my remorse about him choosing Mizzou over us was not well placed.

Same here I thought he would be a difference maker for us, but he hasn’t done that well playing behind a better Oline than ours. WPS

22-32 for 498 yards, 4 TD, no picks. Then he’ll do some obnoxious gloating afterward, and we’ll just have to sit there and steam. as usual.

Or maybe our players will find some shred of pride. the whole defense will give the effort that I see from Foucha and Curl and Scoota and Bumper and Nichols.

All receivers will give the effort we see in Burks, our QB will be aware of where the 1st down marker is, all the OL plays as hard as 51, the TE actually notices who he’s supposed to block, and we actually give the ball to Boyd 25 times…and we have a fun Friday.

Sigh. Either way, I’ll be there making lots of noise. of some sort, lol