Kelly Bryant?

Any news?

Arkansas needs somthing good to happen

Is Kelly Bryant good news?

He announces at 6PM central tomorrow. There are several threads and a lot of info on the recruting board about him.

Thanks I’ll mozie on over to that board and take a peek

Mizzou, unfortunately, very likely to be the choice.

I’ve seen a few say that, where are you getting this info?

Multiple places - other Arkansas recruiting writers, 24/7 National recruiting writer. Auburn’s 24/7 recruiting analyst, etc.

If Missouri its a shame. Historically a nothing program and unfortunate signal of our status of lack thereof.

I give coach lots of credit for being this close.

No way we are considered without coach.

And coach has a great class coming in that means so much more than a 1 year player.

Historically nothing, but a far better program than us at present with three OL returning. As much as I’d like to see Bryant come here we don’t seem to be a great “business decision” for a QB with only one year of eligibility left. If I were him I’d be looking for at least a decent OL situation - preferably a good one - and a better overall roster.

Can’t blame him at all if it is indeed Missouri.

I work at Mizzou… I might have to quit if KB picks here over Arkansas. Not sure I can take the trash talk I am going to get from my boss/coworkers/students. The football game was bad enough.

I’ve got family members who went to Mizzou and they’d be shocked if he went there. They say the sting of some of the turmoil that went down a few years ago there is still fresh.

Idk the truth to it, but I just read that the source mizzou has, is a mizzou source…

So, if that’s the case, my guess is they have ansolutely no idea where he’s going.

It sounded like he flirted with/pandered to each school h went to. Is he going to mizzou or are they just clinging to false hope? Are we?

We will find out later today.

I don’t put much stock into any of the reports on this one. I’ll believe it when he announces himself.

Common sense says he would have to REALLY REALLY put a lot of stock in his relationship with CCM to come to Arkansas, because this team is really really bad. I imagine he is looking for exposure in his final year, and I’m not sure he will get that at AR, playing at 11 am on channels that you have to look up the number for most weekends. College gameday isn’t coming to Fayetteville anytime soon unfortunately.

You know funny that you mention that because I’ve heard from some folks from Missouri that there is just not a good vibe on campus… That you just feel in the undercurrent of well just bad vives … Never knew if it was true or not though

The way I’ve heard it from family is there is very much an “us vs. them” mentality on campus now.

I’ve only been here since July, but in the Division/College I work in things are great. I really enjoy working here and the administration immediately over me has been great to work for. I’m sure there are some departments on campus that are different though.
I was faculty at Arkansas before I came here, and I’ll say that the college I work in here is ran much more effectively and efficiently than its counterpart at UARK.
I’m a diehard hog fan, but I would feel safe/comfortable sending my kids to Mizzou if thats where they wanted to go. Columbia is not as great as Fayetteville, but it is still pretty great in its own right.

Maybe, if he goes to MO, he’s promised CCM that he’ll throw 5 pics and toss in 2 fumbles if the Hogs are 0-15 in the SEC when we play them in 2019. :wink:

Since Auburn’s offensive coordinator is apparently going to Kansas (can you imagine) to be the OC for Les Miles, it opens up an OC position at Auburn. Two of the people being touted are Clemson guys. Wonder how that plays out with the Kelly Bryant recruitment?

Wouldn’t surprise me if they pulled that stunt to get him.

Nah, hiring a coach to sign a kid is too much like ole miss, and beneath them. Auburn would just pay the player. :shock:

some say Arkansas hired a coach to get some players once upon a time.