Kelly Bryant

Is this a similar situation to Nance? I don’t think the transfer rule was intended to be use this way. I just don’t think he’s coming to Arkansas.


Is he better than the freshmen on the team now? Is he better than the high school player signed for next season? I think you have to ask those questions before you make a decision. I do not think he is.

Bryant had a lot of talent around him for support. That makes a difference.

great point

he’s ten times better than all of those unproven guys you named lets be real

I don’t think he’d come here, but if he did, you take him in a heartbeat. Same with Jalen Hurts if he decided to bail on Bama. Knowing how to win at this level means a lot, plus the talent upgrade.

It’s not like he doesn’t have other options… … om-clemson

KB wants film for the NFL and he can’t get that if he doesn’t pick up the system quickly to take all the snaps. Of those teams, Arkansas runs the Clemson offense and I think I heard Bryant and CCM know each other. Of those teams, Arkansas is the most devoid of high level QB talent which means he knows he can beat our other guys.

We didn’t miss on Joe Burrow.

CCM recruited him, I don’t disagree. Bryant’s numbers this year are decent as they were last year, not Watson like numbers, but decent.

Of the schools mentioned in that article, NC State probably makes the most sense, as it would be easier to step in and start there, it’s in the same region, and they typically play a soft enough schedule to get to a decent bowl game.

I suppose he might wind up at Arkansas, but it would be a big surprise. It would require a lot of faith that the rest of the offense will be ready to take a big jump in year two.

There are a couple of other SEC schools that might be attractive- Missouri and Miss State. There is no obvious immediate successor to Lock at Missouri. MSU’s current backup has five touchdown passes but is only completing 44% of his throws, and their hotshot freshman recruit has only in one game and looks like more runner than passer.

My question would be, if he did come here, how would that effect KJ Jefferson’s commitment?

If Jefferson would be fine with sitting one year and mastering the system, then I’d be all for looking into getting Bryant. But, and Richard may need to clarify, I thought one of selling points to Jefferson was he could come in, compete, and win the starting job his Freshman year. If we bring in Bryant and Jefferson’s commitment waivers, then I’m not sure I would trade one year for a committed career QB.

I’m not sure he is more talented than Jefferson. I’d be careful to upset that apple cart with a talented committed dual threat quarterback ready to come.

I would probably take redshirt freshman KJ Jefferson over Bryant but not true freshman KJ Jefferson…What do you really have against Bryant because you’re not making much sense by stating you wouldn’t take him…It can’t be his talent that you disdain because he’s proven that part without a doubt

This is a solid point - especially as someone who went to watch him play last week and sees a big-timer.

While I understand what both you and Clay are saying about the Apple cart, are you saying you think he is gonna come in as a true freshmen and start, or he’s not coming? Because that seems like what both of you are saying. So, that would sour me on him pretty quickly. That is an ultimatum, and in my opinion not a good one

Like these transfers, quitters or whatever you might call them, unless they change the rule this will clearly be the new normal. Probably good for most of the non-elite reams.

I’m not sure why so many people are saying Kelly is a quitter. You could also say Dabo quit in him with the numbers Kelly was producing. He is supposed to be loyal to the team but there is no loyalty back? Full disclosure this happened to my son his senior year losing his position to a graduate transfer (who is now playing pro). You can’t blame the coach for putting the best player on the field but you can’t blame a player who is also playing well and just wants to play the game.

I guess RM quit on Michigan, sure glad he did…