Kelly Bryant

Any chance Kelly Bryant will draw interest from CCM?

We missed on Joe Burrow by not being interested, so any chance that KB would be a player we could use? I figure we will lose at least one QB to transfer anyway, along with several more players.

I would think that would be a no brainer. He recruited him to Clemson. Also, Stepp recruited him while at ASU. He obviously knows a lot of the Arkansas staff and is very familiar with the offense. He is way better than anyone we have on campus. This would be a major coup.

I’m torn on whether I would want Kelly Bryant as a head coach. On one hand he is a talented player, but on the other hand he is quitting on his team because he isn’t getting his way. I would have to think that is going to be a point of contention in whatever locker room he comes into.

A lot of winning and losing comes down to how the players feel about each other.

I don’t think that’s a fair characterization, Matt. The kid is playing by the rules that have been put in place this year. He obviously has aspirations to play at the next level and he’s be usurped by a freshmen, meaning that he’s unlikely to get his job back. Having already graduated, he can avoid sitting out a season and play immediately in 2019.

Have a hard time getting on a kid for wanting to put himself in a better position to succeed while lauding coaches for getting/taking the next big job.

Matt if he wants to play for Chad Morris, you take him. You take him because college football is a business, and he is an instant upgrade over everyone else on campus. Glad we had David Williams last year he was the best RB we had on the team.

I think it’s fair. He’s quitting Clemson’s team this year because he was demoted and he thinks it’s in his best interest to go somewhere else rather than split playing time the rest of the season, which is what Clemson’s coaches said was the plan. Those are all facts. … 427832002/

I understand that is abiding by the rules that are in place, but the players quitting their teams mid-season is an abuse of the spirit of the redshirt rule.

Why play for coaches who do not respect you or what you have done for the team. His numbers have been good this year and they are 4-0, not to mention taking Clemson to the CFP post Deshaun Watson.

They might say that the rotation will continue but when you are 16-2 as a starter, including 4-0 in your senior year and a true freshman gets named starter over you…well, the writing is on the wall.

This isn’t a freshman coming in, not winning the job and immediately leaving. This is a senior who has been an ideal teammate and representative of his university for 4 years. I don’t agree AT ALL that he’s quitting on his team. Coaches are signalling that they are moving on, so in turn he’s going to move on.

Agree to disagree I guess…

I think part of your disagreement with me is over the word “quit,” which I understand has a negative connotation. But it fits here in a literal sense. He has quit the team.

The noise in upstate South Carolina has been when will Trevor “Sunshine” Lawrence become the starter since he committed to Clemson 2 years ago. The majority of the fan base wanted it in game 1 this year, but Swinney gave Bryant the chance to hold on to the job for 2 reasons - he waited his turn and led his team to the CFP last year plus he didn’t want Lawrence thrown to the wolves at Texas A & M. Second point was much like the handling of Deshawn Watson in his freshman year, he was clearly better than the senior, but the 2nd game of the year was at Georgia - he was brought off the bench in that game and showed he was ready.

Clemson fans believe Lawrence is better than Watson - I wonder, Watson had the “IT” factor, never fazed, didn’t back down against Bama. Lawrence was a great high school qb in Georgia, breaking Watson’s records, but does he have the "IT’ factor? That can’t be answered until the playoffs because Clemson’s schedule is very weak.

I could see Bryant for the one year as Noland, Jones and the young man from Mississippi develop. BUT - what if Storey shows that he is a gamer and can manage Morris’ offense to put the Hogs in position to win and to execute those wins as this season develops? Would you want Bryant then?

Jeff Hansen

Matt, I understand your comments and get what you’re saying, however, with us being in the middle of a rebuild, I think it would be a good move. Most “Freshmen QB’s” that make names for themselves in this offense are redshirt freshmen. Him coming here would buy KJ a year to learn this system (even though the one he runs in HS is extremely similar). It would also give Morris a chance to get better lineman and receivers here before KJ gets “thrown to the wolves.” Kelley would know what to do and be a good mentor for KJ learning this offense. Having said that, I think the question should be would Bryant want to come here in a rebuild, or would he want to go to a place where he maybe able to get back to the CFP.

Excellent question.

Agree…he quit the team is accurate, I believe that’s different than “quitting on” his teammates. I would consider the latter to be doing something disrespectful or undermining to his coaches, dogging his play, etc.

Ty Storey will manage the offense this year. Kelly Bryant coming on board now and playing next year will help recruiting NOW because of the proven player he is in the Clemson/CCM offense. He will make this offense click quicker and escalate the recovery to respectable level.

I would take him in a heartbeat but Noland can throw as well as he does or better IMO just doesn’t have the game experience Bryant has… just don’t if he wants to be part of a rebuild…come down KB!!

I think the question that hasn’t been asked in this thread: Would Kelly Bryant want to come to Arkansas?

Maybe I’m wrong, but after being in Clemson for four years and starting in the playoffs, I have a hard time imagining he would want to go anywhere except to a team that has championship potential in 2019. Oklahoma and Wisconsin are a couple of other teams that come to mind that could use an experienced QB next season.

I agree with you on this, and I did ask it above :wink:

But this is a discussion on a few AR boards right now, and someone just asked a question that I wonder if any of you guys know the answer to:

If a kid decides to transfer, is he still allowed access to the athletic facilities? I assume he remains on scholarship through the end of the semester, so do the coaches allow him in the facilities or tell him , he’s (or she’s) out of luck?

yeah I posed the question would he want to come to a rebuild situation…I highly doubt it but we will see.yes OKlahoma a much better option for sure

This is an interesting thought. However, he he had stayed at Clemson, he would have been one play away from starting again if LAwrence got hurt. Clemson still has a great shot of getting to the playoffs. If Lawrence does get hurt or struggles and now that Kelly is gone, their shot at the playoffs is considerable diminished with his departure in my opinion. If I was a teammate and had worked my butt off to get back to the playoffs, I would be mad and felt like Kelly put himself above the team.

THe fact that he is leaving Clemson goes back to your original point that he quit rather than quietly accepting his role and striving to get better every day for that time he might be called upon.

But I am not his teammate, I am a fan. If he wants to join the Hawgs and his off-the-field conduct is acceptable, then I would take him and offer him a second chance to improve his attitude with us. After all, he is a Twenty-two year old making a tough decision to enhance his future.

I would certainly take him, but he is quitting on his team.

Might be doing the best for himself, but he is giving up on Clemson when the freshman could get hurt the next play.