Kelly Bryant

Haven’t heard a peep about this in awhile. Is there a realistic chance that we could actually land him. He knows Morris’ offense and play style, and could come in and make an immediate impact. He may not have much interest in going somewhere that isnt currently winning…but it may make him look even better if he can come in and help turn a program around and take some of the credit. what do you think

I’d assume that OU and Penn state would be the most appealing to him.

I would have think OKL would be very appealing…but you never know…he has to know we are bringing in the top rated Wr group and probably one of the best TE’s…will just wait and see. but I think OKL has to be a obvious place knowing how good they are.

I bet he sees that for sure. I just wonder if he’s willing to gamble with freshman WR. Our current WRs aren’t going to be appealing to him. I wonder f we tried to snag a big time Juco WR as one of or last spots if that would help.

I’m sure being gauranteed to start has to factor in his decision. He only gets 1 shot.

would be great to have KJ come in and learn from him as well. Time will tell, but definitely see the pros and cons on both POVs

I don’t think its the WRs he is looking at for us but rather OL. We lose three don’t we?

If he were to come…how many current Qbs do you think will transfer and who

Cole Kelley and Storey.

I would take That all day for Bryant.

Cole and Dalton for sure

I’m thinking Ty and Dalton for sure. In fact, Bryant or no Bryant, I think Hyatt probably sees the writing on the wall.

Just announced according to 247 that Bryant will make an official visit to Arkansas for the Tulsa game. Woo Pig!

The plot thickens.

Yeah, I tend to agree. Bummer too, because I hear from some players that he is exceptional on his feet and gets along well with the team. Can’t quite figure out the deal there. Not sure if the playbook is not connecting or bad passing decisions or what, but sure seems to be name that has faded from conversation among the coaching staff.

Do you think Kelly is somebody that could come in and make an immediate impact with current core plus new guys? If he already has a grasp on the style…how many games do you think he could realistically win with who we have plus who is coming in. He would definitely be the big dog on campus after what he has already accomplished at Clemson.

Yep he could make an immediate impact with his knowledge of this offense & his experience. But a lot still depends on our current personnel & how much of the offense / playbook they have absorbed. To expand this offense takes everyone being on the same page.
The newcomers may not be that much involved early depending on how fast they grasp the system.

I would think he could make a very good impact because he played an entire season last year including the national championship there will be no game too big for him. I don’t think he is a finished product I think he will get better in the passing game and then he was last year in due time I would love to have him with all the young receivers we have coming in

The only reason I can think of that KB would consider us is that we run exactly the same offense so adaptation time would be minimal. It’s certainly not that he would expect to come here and win a championship.

Going to NC contender means stiffer competition at QB & possible different system & no guarantee of starting.
Coming here as a starter goes thru spring ball, helps with the turn around & vast improvement of team, could make him look like savior. Increase his chances at the next level.

Not to throw any cold water because we all want him.

But if he wants an established O line to protect him, he will likely have other major options.