Kelly Bryant visited Auburn … 62935.html

With rumors of how Auburn conducts their business, this is disheartening.

Wouldn’t it be great if Jalen Hurts went to Auburn? That would make the SEC more interesting…Auburn is going to need a quarterback who can run and throw…don’t we all?

This is the one visit I was hoping wouldn’t happen.

Bryant’s quote;
Feel it would be a good situation to step in to with the guys they have coming back on both sides of the ball.
Which is true.

Ya gotta know Gus dogged his friend / Coach Morris for our lack of talent.

This makes my head hurt.

With Bo Nix coming in next season and Malik Willis, Joey Gatewood and Cord Sandberg, none of whom have started a college game or taken significant in-game reps at the position for Auburn.

Their was going to be a mass exodus of QB’s already at the end of next Spring.

Auburn 24/7 recruiting insider said he had a great visit and brought his mentor/private QB coach on the visit… and he’ll be back for an official.

Don’t like the sound of all that.

Yeahp. I got my hopes up like I told myself I wouldnt.

I see how this one plays out.

I dont know though. Look at what Auburn’s offense has done for stidham…hopefully that speaks for itself

some of you guys need to take a chill pill.nobody has a better relationship with him than CCM/Craddock.He knows he comes in and for sure Starts and already knows the offense and that is all good for us IMO.

He made the comment about what they have coming back. If he’s looking for a winning team that can win big next year we won’t be the pick.

Gus is desperate to get the Aubie Brass off of his a… and this move might do it for a while.
His offense is basically the same as ours. He will tweak it to fit Bryant’s skills, or at least say he will.

Do you think that their is some thing that Kelly is looking for???

Do you think that their is some thing else that Kelly is looking for???

A chance to win big his last year.

$$$ lol

Didn’t want to say that ($), but Miss St is on the list for a visit to.

A few days ago you said you expected KB to be a hog.

Do you still stand with that or does his visit to auburn change things?

Just my opinion but he might be looking for a team that has a chance to make the playoffs next year.

Yep, a O-line that will protect him and a team that doesn’t play most games before the students get out of bed at 11:00 am ! WPS