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Looks very similar to his comments after his Arkansas visit, I think. Should we read anything into that?

Still like Arkansas’ chances, but it’s not a for sure thing with him doing the right thing and checking out all of his options.

If we lose out and get beat by 3TD+ in each game, which is likely, do you think that would kill our chances with him? Or is he looking at Arkansas purely because of the CCM relationship and how we finish won’t have much of a bearing on his final decision? Just your best guess, based on the info you have is all I’m looking for.

You would have to think KB is looking at what he can accomplish and get notice at his next stop. If the Hogs are able to sign this recruiting class, he will have some freshmen and a couple of returnees that will be good targets. If he can excel with that, it would look pretty solid.

For the life of me, I don’t know why any QB with NFL aspirations and one year of eligibility remaining, would want to play on such an awful team. Now maybe with KB and some of these hot shot WR recruits we could be a pretty good Offensive team. We would have to put up pinball like numbers to overcome what is probably going to be an even worse Defense next year though.

That was my initial thought as well, but it is clear that he is looking for a situation and head coach/OC that can help him get to the NFL instead of program that can contend for a national title - something he has already been a part of doing.

As far KB’s NFL aspirations. I don’t think it matters where he plays next year & what his final season W-L record is. Pro scouts have already seen plenty & there is plenty of good tape from Clemson. They just waiting on his pro day & combine work outs.

Now if he is able to pull off some miraculous heroics & wins here at AR, get us to a good bowl. Add that “it” factor to his resume. Can’t hurt.

Seems to me largely that he is comfortable with/playing for CM and Craddock and that is weighing heavily on his decision, if indeed he chooses us.

Wasn’t Craddock the QB coach at Clemson & Morris got him to SMU as OC?

He was a GA at Clemson in 2013-14 but did work with the Clemson QBs as a GA.