Kelly Bryant news

What’s the scoop on the kid RD or Dudley?


I just text my guy in SC. I text him last week about the rumors and he said he would be very surprised if true. He had not heard anything to suggest it was possibility. Will report when he responds.

He’s still a QB at Clemson.

Thanks RD and DD!

Figured it was a rumor.

He got back with me and said he hasn’t heard anything.

An interesting thing to me, is the announcement of Hunter Johnson transferring. Sophomore 5 star qb.

That tells me that Trevor Lawrence, the freshman has this job locked up for next year, and hunter either was told that or sees the writing on the wall. So what about Kelly? If Lawrence is this good, maybe they are leaning toward him for this year as well, and Kelly feels that.

Because if Kelly was the outright, no doubt guy this year. Why would a ( HJ) sophomore, former 5 star guy transfer if he had the chance to compete for the job against Lawrence next year?

Idk, just seems interesting.

Impossible to keep 2 5 Star QB’s & their families happy. See Jalen Hurt