Kelly Bryant looking forward to Arkansas trip … um=twitter

I’m told by a contact in South Carolina that Oregon is expected to be a player for Bryant. He didn’t mention the Ducks with Bo but look for them to be involved.

Ran into a Clemson fan today. When he saw my Hog shirt he started raving about Coach Morris. He said folks there think he’ll make the Arkansas program a national power. And he added that he thinks Kelly will be a Hog.

Hope this guy is righ about CCM and Kelly would be a nice addition.

Yea I think there are several other teams in the mix we don’t know about. He all but said that when talking about visits.

He can play against the best and get the greatest exposure from the SEC - I for one hope the Hogs can pull this off!

that is fantastic
I hope so too

Is this really a for real shot or is he just being nice to coach Morris? I have been seeing this, but figured there was really nothing to it.

I don’t see a grad transfer wasting his time to be nice. He and his family feel very comfortable with Morris. He kind of hit on that today by saying how Morris was very honest about the possibility of him not being at Clemson.

I don’t know much about Bryant as a QB. What is his strength? Passing, running or a combination. What was he coming out of high school?

He’s definitely a dual-threat guy. He was hitting 60% plus of his passes this season.

His ESPN profile in HS: … lly-bryant