Kelly Bryant in-home

Not KB

Brooks & Catalon… we’ll see if they stick. Would be huge if they do!

Are they game changers?

You’ll like.

That’s my guess. Catalon for sure.

Dudley said something last week though about brooks that made me think he may not be one, something along the lines of if he was going to commit you would assume he would’ve by now.

What if I can’t wait until the 4th?

Recruiting has been off the charts to date and it appears that there are more big commitments coming. Hopefully KB is one of those. If he comes it could be our biggest recruit of all time. Not just because of his abilities, which is huge but because of the added credibility CCM will have in the homes of recruits.

The future is bright one way or the other. But it’s going to be a process but I’m excited about the prospect.

Take a long nap and set your alarm for the 4th.

I have never thought he was coming…was just being polite to CCM…but that is only my opinion. Hope I’m wrong.

However, part of me hopes he doesn’t come because if he does fan expectations will be unreasonably and unfairly high.

I agree, it may be unreasonably high without him.

Tell me when fans’ expectations aren’t unfairly and unreasonably high? We’ve got some people who want to change coaches for a 2-10 record in his first year. Not saying we should be satisfied with 2-10, but some folk wouldn’t be satisfied with 10-2, either.

You are correct. Some people won’t be satisfied, regardless of record. My personal opinion is our best hope with Chad would be 6-6 and that’s about as high as I believe he will get us to. Anything above while he’s here and I’ll be pleasantly surprised

Obviously if that’s the best he can do in the next 4 years a lot of people will be dissatisfied & he’ll likely be gone. However, I’m more optimistic than that. I don’t base the optimism on the 2018 season, but I base it on the incoming recruiting class & how he very significantly improved SMU. I’d like to be more confident than I am of his future success, but I see no reason to believe the best we can expect from him is 6-6. I’m somewhat hopeful we meet that next year.

6-6 at best during his time here?

I think it is a better staff than that. I look forward to seeing what they can do with an infusion of talent.

To Baked’s credit he had the Bielema tenure pegged from the get go - I mean from the moment the hire was made.

To discount his opinion out of hand is unwise…knows his stuff.

I’m not going to discount Baked’s opinion. Obviously, he came to his opinion of CBB before I did. But I will say, to put 6-6 as the best CCM means he thinks he’s really at 4-8 coach. My problem with putting a record of (at best) 6-6 on anybody says you know what the variables will be: Saban will not retire, LSU will remain strong, Ole Miss and Mississippi State will play above their heads, Auburn won’t implode, etc., etc. We have no idea what breaks may go our way and which ones won’t.

A story just came out saying KB has narrowed it down to Mizz or Auburn after yesterdays in home visit with Arkansas. RD, i know you said the visit went well. Any input to this story? … ssion=true

Here’s the link to the KC Star: … 29795.html

Not going to lie, not a big fan of SDS. The vast majority of time they just report what others have reported. We all do it from time-to-time, but what I see they link and post most of the time.

As far as what I think, I’m not going to sit here and say I know for sure what he’s thinking. I just know when he was here it sounded like he was coming. Did some of the late blowouts create doubt? One can see that happening.

We’ll know on Tuesday.

I believe it will be Auburn the obvious choice

If it’s auburn, I will always wonder how MONEY is involved

I hope I’m wrong, but there has been things that have happened this year that makes me question the hire.

If you look at SMU he didn’t make a huge jump, kind of did what Bret did here. Gradual improvement. I kind of said this the other day on next year’s expectation, I see him gradually improving. But, because of what happened the last five years with Bret, I don’t think the fanbase, or the BOT will wait that long. I also expect another run at Gus if that does happen.

And don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT WANT GUS