Kelly Bryant in-home

It looked like others besides the offensive staff might join in for the in-home, but at least for now it will be offensive only.

Richard, have you got any ideas of a backup plan if KB goes a different direction?

There’s been some contact, but will have to see what happens if Bryant doesn’t come.

Richard if you had to guess,do you think he comes?

After his Arkansas visit I would’ve said yes. I know people in Fayetteville still feel good about him, but I don’t have a strong read on him.

He would make a great politician.

Just strictly my guess on this but I have a feeling since he only has one year left he would prefer to be already comfortable with someone starting out rather than having to get to know someone. I know our offensive line was beyond bad but if we go up tempo and add in Henry and those receivers and start running the true RPO it can be a totally different offense… fingers crossed!!

Working hard not to get my hopes up and only to be really disappointed if he doesn’t. Would be great to have him for sure!

Are you talking about Richard’s answer or KB?

I took it as him talking about KB. So far it seems like KB has told everyone what they want to hear.


That’s what I was afraid of.

I’ve thought the same thing.

And I agree with Dudley, kid will be a good politician if he ever decides to go that route

The visit just wrapped up. It lasted around 5 hours.

Heard it went very well. He’ll visit Auburn this weekend and announce the 4th.

When will we knw who the 2 silent commits are?

My initial impression is that the last visit usually wins.

Auburn getting the last visit isn’t ideal, but the chaos surrounding that program in regards to the staff and high ups might help us out a little bit.

There already going after Gus to. I’m sure it want happen, but if they lose there bowl game, look out.

That would give it away.

I sure wish we found out one of them next Tuesday