Kelly and the Coaches decision

When the QB’s came out to warm up at the end of halftime, the first one throwing was Connor. It looked like he was getting ready to start the 2nd half the way he was warming up. Next to start throwing was JSJ followed by Ty. Cole was the last one out to warm up. He through 2 balls, and then limped over to the sideline. I had noticed that he had been limping in the first half. It looked like his right leg had limited mobility. I also noticed it when he ran. When he only threw 2 balls, I was convinced that he was not going back in.

Needless to say I was shocked when he went in. Not because of his poor play in the first half, but due to his lack of prep time before the 2nd half kickoff. Add to it the hobble he had… When he threw the 4th pic, it was clear he couldn’t plant on his right leg. Did anyone else notice this? Isn’t it odd that the starting QB only throws 2 warm up passes?

I noticed that he threw twice. I also noticed that he limped to the locker room to end the first half.