Kelley: Tap the brakes on the starting talk … s-offense/

Right now I think he should start- in 2018. Of course then folks will be mad that Hyatt/Noland/Bohannon/Storey/Player X is not getting any game reps and would be a better option.

I also think Kelley has added some much needed fun and hope into a tough September for this team.

Yes, he has.

I love enthusiasm.

I think this year will be fun to watch and the Razorbacks will do some good things. I especially like watching the young guys like Cole Kelly. I have liked Cole ever since first watching his highlights from High School. Austin is the veteran and he is who you want in there. But, with as many licks as he has been taking I am certainly glad to have both Cole and Ty. If Austin goes down, I think Kelly will be fun to watch although he may still be a little rough. In that scenario Ty Storey becomes very important.

So they can go 7-5 again if everything falls right? So far we have seen no sign of the fantastic play that took place during training camp. He is simply a mediocre college QB

Yea I guess he went from leading passer in the SEC last year despite the sacks & hits he took to just mediocre all by himself.
Taking more hits already and even being bloodied, and a completely revamped WR corp has nothing to do with it.