Kellen Moore

Hearing is a candidate. Is JJ doing it again?

Jerry has done some great things. But please, Jerry, stay out of this. Plus, if he thinks Kellen is so great, shouldn’t he want him to stay with the Cowboys? Makes no sense. Silly in fact.

Hearing Garrett is getting let go sooner than later and the inquiry has been made.

While I believe the rest of the schedule that Dallas will likely see the Cowboys not making the playoffs and thus Garrett being let go, I would think there is a better chance of Moore being the head coach of the Cowboys than the Razorbacks.

But I don’t see either of those things happening.

Do you think Jerry finally gets Payton away from the Saints?

Why would Payton leave NO? They love him there, he can win a Super Bowl there because he has, he has them rolling, and we’ve gotten a peek at the post-Brees future this year which looks pretty good. And I suspect NO is one of the easier NFL markets as far as media scrutiny, as opposed to the fishbowl Jerry has cultivated in Dallas.

Maybe a $100M, 10 year contract? Depends on how bad Jerry wants him.

He’s making $9M a year in NO for the next five years. I think they could find another mill or so to keep him.

Payton salary

If my math is right, 10 years is quite a bit longer than 5 years.

Good lord, take off your blue star glasses and think instead of hoping/wishing. He’s in a better situation now than he would be in Dallas. He’s making comparable money and the owner could sure put another five years on that contract along with extra money.

“Good Lord”, are you really getting your panties in a wad over something this silly. I’m a bigger Saints fan than I am a Dallas fan. Just throwing crap against the wall about Jerry finally figuring out a way to get Payton.

Mercy, Saints looked great yesterday against the 1 and 7 falcons, 2 while Teddy had a good run he ain’t taking them to the Super Bowl so I don’t agree with any of that but totally agree with why in the world would he want the cowboy job he’s setup in NO. To bad everybody is coming thru SF this year

Nope. I am as big a Cowboys fan as there is, but I wouldn’t leave his New Orleans situation for the one in Dallas.

Payton is a heckuva coach, but the lure of the Dallas Cowboys could be pretty tantalizing. They are the most prestigious NFL franchise. New Orleans, on the other hand, is certainly not. I could see him leaving for Dallas. Drew Brees is nearly 40. No NFL team is going very far without a quarterback, certainly not to the Super Bowl. Dallas has a very talented roster and a young quarterback, so it is not that big of a stretch. That being said, it is probably a long shot.

Since the beginning of the season, there has been talk here of Jerry wanting Lincoln Riley if Garrett is dismissed from the team. Payton is deeply tied to NOLA & don’t seem him leaving the Saints.

Let Jerry hire Chad Morris. Gets Arkansas off the hook for $10 million.

Really!!! I mean they were Americas’ Team 20 or so years ago, but now… That luster has faded except for the die-hard Dallas fans. They may wish for it, but its not true anymore. Sorta like I think the Steelers are the bomb, but in reality, they are not a pimple on the ass of what they use to be. Some of the best games for me were those old late 70s Dallas v Pittsburgh superbowls… Great players and great games.

Yep, and the Steelers had the 'boys number in the Super Bowl until Aikman came along. :grin:

Might want to check those TV rankings. A big combination of those wanting them to lose and those wanting them to win.

And from last season:

Peyton lives in Southlake and his kids are in middle school playing sports…Might be a big reason to come back home…