Kellen Moore Cowboys OC got fired

and now Mike McCarthy is going to call the plays. He did call plays for Green Bay as head coach.

I guess Coach Moore was this year’s scapegoat.

Anybody else think Tom Brady may be a 49er?

Done deal, IMO…

Dak seemed uncomfortable. Hard to fire the quarterback. Typical NFL move.

Who will McCarthy blame next season for Dak’s ongoing QB inconsistencies?

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Yes, I didn’t see Kellen Moore throwing the ball against S.F. That fiasco is on Dak.


During the regular season, the Boys were 3rd in total points scored. They did that while Dak missed 5 games. Of the top 12 QB’s QBRs, (Dak was 12th), I believe he was the only one who had more INTs than games played.

the next OC?..

Only one to blame, that would be “Big Game Dak”. :sunglasses:

There are only two elite QB’s in the league and they played against each other yesterday. If Patrick is not at KC, they would,be lucky to win half their games. If Hurts or Dak played for them, no SB.

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I don’t think Saban has names is OC, yet. Looks like a fantastic opportunity for Kellen and Nick

Kellen will stay in the NFL. LA Chargers already hired him.

I think they are trying to get Dak a new voice to listen too….he has regressed man!

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Regressed or peaked?

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Peaked and now regressing from that peak lol


Not sure what Hurts has to do with it, but he is in the Super Bowl, just saying.

Doug Nussmeier was also let go. He had been Dallas’ QB coach for a while.

The Cowboys had to shake something up. Now maybe they will put some better skill players around Dak. They asked him to be Superman this season with some of the off-season personnel moves, or lack thereof. There was not much to work with this year outside of Pollard and Lamb.

Everyone has their own definitions, but I’d put Josh Allen and Justin Herbert in the elite category. And I’m beginning to think Trevor Lawrence will be in the conversation in a year or two.

One thing is for sure: AFC quarterback play is head and shoulders above the NFC right now.


LMAO…all the Cowboy fans making excuses for Dak, not Dak’s fault. :sunglasses:

I don’t think Kellen Moore or Doug Nussmeier threw a single interception this year.

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