Kellen Mond

It seems like this dude has been around before Noah built the Ark. Is there a possibility he could return under the current rules?

Didn’t he already announce he was returning for his 10th year?


I worry more that those offensive linemen will return. Kenyon Green is impressive.

Why would the Sr OF linemen return when most likely they will be drafted in the top 2 rounds to the NFL draft?

Aggies are the second best team in the SEC and maybe the third best team in the country. Fisher has been recruiting like Bama.

Green is a soph. I was joking on others.

To answer your question, he’s eligible, but it’s not likely he will opt for a 5th year. He’ll make a little more money as a 2nd or 3rd rounder than at A&M.

Problem for us is, A&M has an in coming freshman that might be better than Mond.

6’4" 210lb, dual, incoming freshman, Eli Stowers from Guyer High School, Denton, Tx.

Mond is talented but has been years of frustration for Jimbo. Jimbo may be ready to start over & begin grooming the incoming freshman.

Hoping that Sark does not convince Ehlinger to play a 5th year since we play ut for our 2nd game next season.

Kiper has Mond ranked just below Franks. If Mond goes in the draft, it will probably be in the 4th-7th rounds on the last day.

Nobody seemed to hang around longer at a school than this dude for LSU basketball back in the day. I think his name was Ceaser and I swear he was there like 8-10 years. So when ever anyone mentions a player been with a team a long time that’s the name that always comes to mind.

Caesar was around a lot more than 8-10 years. Quite a field general. And then
Brutus et al (there’s some good Latin words, if you accept an abbreviation) assassinated him. He was a regular Tony Rome-o. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

harley, I’ll go with you and admit I was just guessing. Jimbo might convince him to hang around for another year…

Questionable whether Jimbo wants him back. Mond is physically talented but not considered a smart QB & a source of frustration for Jimbo.

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