Kel'el Ware question

I see that Chris Crutchfield has left the staff at Oregon to become the head coach at Omaha. Might this have any effect on Ware’s commitment to the Ducks? I have no idea what role, if any, Crutchfield played in getting his commitment?

Coach Crutchfield was a favorable factor in Kel’el’s committing, but he signed with Oregon, not CCC.

Did my due diligence and checked in with my sources and am I told that Kel’el is still quacking and there is no change and will be no change.

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To me, the real question … is Nike U the only college KW plays for before joining the professional ranks? No reason to close the door at home (prodigal son, etc) … besides, I know for a fact good BBQ and fried catfish don’t exist in Oregon.



Sasha came home. She didn’t like Oregon State…

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Sasha got caught out at Oregon in the pandemic. She couldn’t go home for Xmas break. She wanted to come home.


That would be my guess.

I think he certainly has the potential to be one and done.

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