Kel''El Ware is a must get

I haven’t seen him play of course, But to be a true 7 footer and putting up those numbers. The upside is off the charts. Clay/Dudley or someone in the know. Does he move better than Conner?‽

We have so much talent in the state that I loose track of everyone’s classification. Could somebody put up a list off all the recruiting targets and their class. I remember some Maxwell twins at Jacksonville have they graduated or just got overlooked with all the talent in state.

On the Pinion kid that committed what is his game like??? Knockdown shooter??? Can he handle the rock? How has he played against bigger competition like AAU. With all the talent that is in the state, it is important to pick the right players to fit our system. Is this kid athletic???

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I still want to hear comments but I watched Pinions highlights. He could be a solid player, he is a knock down shooter . Not most athletic but can get the job done. Good get.

RD and Duds are way ahead of you.

Ware moves very well. He needed to get a better motor and he’s done that. Coach Rice had a talk with him and he got the message.

Haven’t been able to see Pinon in person but based off of video his athleticism is underrated. Plays solid D. Gets his share of block shots.

Scores well to the hoop, midrange and three. More than capable ball handler.

I got to see Pinion in November and came away impressed.

Those of who have seen Gonzaga know Corey Kispert.

That is his game type.

He stretches the floor AND can create his own shot.

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Kel’el has a chance to be an absolute monster.

If that motor goes all the time, that is exactly what he will become.

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Dudley, is Ware still open or do you think he’s looking mostly out of state?

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Most skilled big in state since Bobby Portis. Bigtime talent.

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