Kel’el Ware

What is the real reason he didn’t sign with Coach Muss?

Been said that his desire was to go out of state from day 1. No Ill will towards anybody at AR.

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While a lot of insiders have said this and apparently it’s true,

I’m hearing the second part of your statement changed and there is some ill will on both sides.

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Hmmm interesting

The kid traded a NC for new shoes… a little confusing, but we all live with our choices.

Love the name. Like mentioned above, he told the staff he wanted to go out-of-state since he was a kid.

Let’s be happy with the end result. At one point neither Ware or Nick Smith wanted to be a Hog. Nick dreamed Kentucky. But things changed with Kentucky, Muss pounced on it when door opened, and beat out everyone to get Nick. One of two is not bad and we got the one who is rated higher.

Please! No more posts about him


I was lamenting what he lost, not what we lost… you are right, Smith could very well be the most important recruit since the early 90’s.

We were fortunate or lucky Kentucky decided to recruit someone else. That is where Smith wanted to go.

Yes. Cal preferred Shaedon Sharpe over Smith, but wanted both. Shaedon was #1 recruit for that class. My understanding is that smith wanted to be the top recruit at his school, so he decided to go away from Kentucky.

Incidentally, Sharpe reclassified to 2021 and ended up playing zero games. I have no idea why Cal didn’t play him last year at all and redshirted him, fully knowing he was not coming back for 2022-23 season. Does anyone know why Cal did not play him? Could have made a huge difference to Kentucky’s fortunes last season,

KY offered a little late. KY did, however, offer Nick July 25th 2021. At that time, they would have loved for Nick to commit to them. Nick, however, committed 2 months later to Arkansas on Sept 29th, 2021.

So no, we did not get Nick because KY didn’t offer him a scholarship. Perhaps Nick was miffed that KY didn’t offer early in 2021. However, if they had, Muss may have still beat them out for Nick before 9/29/2021.

The most hilarious thing about this is neither Sharpe nor Nick will ever play a single minute for The Squid.

Sharpe didn’t enroll at KY until Jan, 2022. What I heard was that he and the family wouldn’t agree to commit to KY unless Cal agreed to let them choose if they wanted to play the last half of the 2021/22 season. Supposedly, they were still thinking he might want to have the chance to play a full season at KY in 2022/23 if he didn’t enter the NBA draft.

So if true, Cal had no say so in Sharpe playing beginning in January. It was the family’s decision.

Thanks. Makes sense.