Keith Law has HK going #9 to Rockies

no Casey Martin first round which seems to be his trend of dropping in almost all projections.

. Colorado Rockies: Heston Kjerstad, OF, Arkansas

Kjerstad blew up this spring before the season ended, showing more game power and a better approach, although he wasn’t tested in SEC play. He’s got loose hands but had high strikeout rates in his first two years with the Razorbacks that cause some concern about his long-term hit tool.

I so missed watching HK in his final year as a hog. Of course one never knows, but this could have been a special year for the hogs. Perhaps a 3rd straight trip to Omaha and who knows, perhaps the ultimate championship. This team had the tools.

I wouldn’t deny HK his high draft spot this year for anything, but boy it’d be nice if we could have him another year. I’ll miss all those guys.

The first round includes the Competitive Balance A picks. So if Martin is selected within the top 37, he’ll be a first rounder.

I hope Casey gets a high draft, but I admit his inability to hit a curve ball & his propensity to make errors over this year & last tell me he could fall a long way. He can make some spectacular plays & his freshman year proved he has talent, but this year & last both failed to live up to the first one.

Gosh he was impressive as a frosh. Maybe that was his achilles heal, but I had dreams of him being the best of all time on the hill.

I do wish him good luck and a solid turnaround.

Baseball America ranked Casey the #4 “Athlete” in the draft.

The curve ball has sent a lot of guys into life insurance and car sales. I sell life insurance. :sunglasses:

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