Keith Jackson's comment about the National Anthem!

I hope I wasn’t the only one who heard Keith’s comments. He said he would always stand for the Anthem and place his hand on his heart because he is a proud American. He went on to say when he got to the point he could no longer stand he’d have someone hold him up! He made these comment post game on the radio I was very proud of him and his stand!


I heard it. Stirring!

Thumbs up Keith!


Mike Anderson comments were great, too

I’m going to miss him not being on the radio next year and after. Kind of like I really miss hearing Chuck’s calling the baseball games.


I heard it and support him completely. We need more to exercise their freedom of speech in this manner.

At the game and didn’t hear it, but support that 1000%. Noticed during it that people were even more respectful than usual.