Keeping up with my Hawgs

IF IT STOPS tomorrow and we hit a 8-2 or 9-1 mark things will change. We look like a tired team.
[size=150]IMO no sense of urgency, WHY???

Remaining schedule
Ark Razorbacks----11-5 –Conf 1-3—4 players AV double figures. Jaylen Barford leads the team 18.8
Missouri 12-4 —Conf 2-1—2 players averaging 15.4
At Florida 12-4—Conf 4-0—4 players in double figures
Ole Miss 9-7—Conf 2-2 —2 Players double figure
At Georgia 11-4-- Conf 2-2 --2 players in double figures—Yante Maten 19.3
Okie lite
At TA&M 11-5 Conf 0-4—4 Players in double figures. Hit a brick wall losing 4 straight
Kentucky 13-3 Conf 3-1---- 5 Players in double figures
At Alabama 10-6 Conf 2-2 —4 players in double figures—
Auburn 15-1 Conf 3-0 —4 Players in double figures.

Just the top half of my simple glimpse at our games.
WE are at 5 losses

ADD TO THAT___Equals IMO> I wish we would win them all. Can NOT start 1 and 3 and expect to ROLL!!!
MU –1= 6
Georgia –1=8
Ky—1------Auburn 1—=9 and 10
A&M–1 =11 and another drop the ball =12
Tour 1 w and 1 loss
TOTALS 20 and 13 ….NOT a 6th seed.

BLU, ya got anything close to this?

NOW BLU PAINT(explain) a better out come…

[size=150]OR somebody paint me a better outcome. Explain the W’s and L’s[/size]

Sorry, I have no clue to interpret what you posted. Please call me out if I’m just a little slow.

I don’t know if we will win the game. Whatever happens, happens, but the players will try to win.

but it DOES take a couple of read-throughs to get there.

In 339’s opening post, he:

  1. Points out the the Hogs are currently sitting at 11-5.
  2. Lists 9 of the 15 regular season games remaining on the Hogs’ schedule … including team name, current record, and pertinent notes for each team. (Note: I have no idea why 339 didn’t ALSO list the @LSU, SC, Vandy, @OM, aTm, & @Missouri games.)
  3. Restates that we are currently sitting at 5 losses.
  4. States that we will lose 7 of the remaining 15 regular season games; he identified 6 of those teams and threw in 1 more loss (team unidentified) for good measure.
  5. States we will play 2 games in the SEC Tourney (1 win, 1 loss).
  6. States that we will finish the year with an overall record of 20-13.
  7. States that this record will NOT result in a 6 Seed in the NCAA Tourney.

In his follow-up post, 339 is “asking” another message board member (BLU) if:

  1. BLU projects a similar outcome, or
  2. If BLU (or anyone else) can reasonably explain how the Hogs might finish better.

That’s what I got out of it, anyway. :wink:

Blu called me out and it didn’t hit me to well.

It was as if I didn’t know anything about the Razorbacks.

And Blu sees nothing but clear sailing for the Hogs…

Just frustration.

Forget it. LOL

Have you guys not noticed Blu going nuts on people about out team?
AND NO I do not drink. OK I’ll answer. I did point out a couple you missed. And then just pointed out what I thought were more than 50% chance to lose.
Blu keeps saying we are a 6th seed. Whatever…