Keeping the season in perspective

Back in August I’d have been happy with a 3 win season. I admit after the TN win, I hoped for & expected maybe 5. However, with the exception of the Fla game & for 3/4ths of the UGA, we were in a position to win all our games. Got screwed out of AU & perhaps screwed out of the LSU games.

Injuries & covid were difference makers, too. I can’t blame QB play for today’s loss, though. KJ played as well as anyone could have hoped.

Regardless, the main thing most of us wanted for this season was a team that competed & laid the groundwork for the future. We got that & more. Sam can recruit. He can sure recruit off this season. The program is in good shape. Hope we can go to & win a bowl game.

(And, yeah, I know we still have one game to play, but I’m not expecting a win or even a very close loss against Alabama.)


We are just a mediocre to bad football team who did improve from last year. We don’t have enough talent and we don’t have enough talent on the way. I really like Sam and the staff and the kids. We are still very far away being a good team. We must recruit better players and that has not been easy in the last 28 years. We don’t get enough great ones each year to restock or reload. We get just enough most years to be competitive and that is about it. It is the reality of Hog Football. Our short comings have been line play and speed. That will not and has not been an easy fix. Hoping Sam and this staff can out recruit every other staff before them. This team may have won 6-7 games on the original schedule and that would have been a huge deal for recruiting. The losing record playing an all SEC schedule hurts us more than we know. This program cannot catch a break.

It hurts so much because we are so close.

I’m actually looking forward to the Bama game. I don’t think we win at all, but I want to see how we respond.

We won exactly 0 SEC games for 2 seasons. We won 3 this year & got one win stolen from us at Auburn. We were eaten up by covid against LSU. We played or will play the 3 best teams in the SEC. Nobody else had to do that. We are not a top tier SEC team, but we’re well above mediocre in the NCAA.

I do not believe this season will hurt recruiting. We competed well in every game.


I agree 3 SEC wins are better than zero from the last two years.

We’ve improved some but are light yrs away from being Elite, we are dominated on the DL every week and can’t see it changing anytime soon especially in 3-2-6 alignment, impossible to stop anybody with 5 in the box, we rarely rushed more than three so the quarterback can pack a lunch and somebody who will eventually get open. I have never been a fan of our defensive alignment other than the Mississippi State game when I knew they couldn’t run the ball.QB from OM had a nightmare game and made us look better than we were… we are in a very bad situation because we don’t have a talent to play in this league and then you put them in a defense alignment it is almost impossible to stop the run I really don’t know how expected to succeed

I have to believe that Odom continues to play the 3-2-6 alignment because he figures that’s his best chance to win with the talent we have. It is now very frustrating to watch for the reason Youda and others have pointed out. Clearly, our opponents have figured it out.

Taking a bigger view, overall CSP and his staff have done an outstanding job this year. I did not believe we would win 3 games this year, be a play away from winning 3 other games, and be competitive in every game. It feels really good.

With our staffs ability to recruit, I’m optimistic about our team’s future – to a point. That’s a bigger conversation for another time.


No one thinks we’re elite. No one thought we’d be an elite this year. We won’t be an elite team next year, either. Right now I’m content that we’re a competitive SEC team that isn’t in the bottom 4. Next year I’d like to be at least solidly in the middle or perhaps just a bit above that. But it’ll take a good recruiting year & maybe being able to keep some players from leaving. I’m a lot more confident in the QB position than I thought I’d be without Franks.

I didn’t say we were Elite either, I said we are a long ways from being Elite which is what we strive to be or at least I do.I have liked our progress this yr but defensively we have been awful when we have played a team that is balanced and not sure how we flip the switch on that with our personnel we have. We should be 5-4 right now but we are still finding ways to lose games instead of winning them.I hope this stinking virus somehow will allow us to have a full off season of training and we can get better

We could be 6-3 instead of 3-6. A few seconds and some bad calls have kept us from a winning record. And, of course, some missed extra points. Better times are coming.

I am disappointed for the players that we lost close ones to LSU and Mizzou and beat Auburn but were not given the victory. Otherwise, for me, I’m thrilled. Both players and coaches deserve a standing ovation. Which hopefully they will get next week at the Alabama game.


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