Keeping the good and moving on from the bad

A good “lesson” if you will that came from B. Bielema’s camp was learning to embrace the cold weather.
Not saying he initiated that philosophy just one of the latest to expound on it that I’m aware of. When you accept the cold air as your friend I think it changes your mental dynamics causing you to play better. It’s worked before and we need all the advantages we can get. GOHOGS!!!

I was just thinking this morning, that cold weather could give us a bit of an advantage over the boys from hot, steamy, Baton Rogue. Some stiff winds would probably be a good thing too.

You honestly never know how it will play out. Brian Kelly is very used to cold weather games being from up north. Most of his LSU players probably are not.

I honestly don’t remember what the weather was like when Bielema’s team beat LSU to stop one of our long conference losing streaks a few years ago. I remember it was a night game in November, so it probably wasn’t warm. But I don’t remember if temperature was especially cold for that game.

I can remember at least one talented Aggie team coming to Fayetteville back in the SWC days that played like they wanted no part of the cold, wet weather that greeted them playing at Razorback Stadium. The Hogs won decisively, and the Aggies appeared to just want out of town.

It would be nice if something similar could work in our favor tomorrow.

I hope the wind blows hard and there’s some misty rain. Getting the goose bumps popping up on those tigers would be a good thing. Our hogs will need to play really well to keep it close.

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The “wet Hog” game with Ole Miss in '98 was another one where the visitors basically shut down in the bad weather.

Remember what Jerry Clower said “Them Tigers are bad wet or dry” he had some stories. WPS

I remember the hogs beating LSU back in the early 90’s in the snow, something like 40-10, back before the black friday games were always moved to LR.

Yeah, but we are talking about frigid–low Saturday morning shown as 22 degrees, with a high of 44. Them Tiggers will be standing near the heaters, not wanting to go out on the field, especially if the wind is blowing and if there’s any moisture in the air.

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I’m wearing layers, starting with the long johns and UGGs. I may sit inside, but they leave the windows open and it gets cold on the first row.

The CBB game was very cold. I had on my skiing bib overalls with hand warmers in my shirt pockets. Crowd was great and you could see steam coming off of everyone.

Got them Tiggers right where we want em’.

Hope your right!! WPS

I attended that Aggie game. Freezing rain, wind and horribly cold.

The 2014 game where we ended our long SEC losing streak was a very cold night game. We beat them 17-0. Colder than it will be today. We played them in 2016 though in a cold night game and they put it on us. That may have been Ed Orgeron’s first or second game as interim coach. They had just fired Les Miles