Keeping an eye on our LSU Football Coach

Definitely think it was a good hire by LSU. They are going to be consistently tough to beat with Kelly.

Yep. Winning is going to be even more difficult in the SEC West.
Then we add Texas and Oklahoma.

I have to wonder how long Kelly will last in the cesspool that is LSU athletics. Whether it is the corrupt basketball program, the sex abuse scandal, the “anything goes as long as you win” blatant corruption all over their program, the alumni flipping hundred bills all over the locker room, etc. it is not anything like any program that he has been in. John Wooden looked the other way for years and pretended he did not know his players were bought and paid for but Kelly is going to be sunk to his knees in it and it will not be pleasnat for him at all.


That’s a pretty funny article. LSU was mired in the mud before Saban dug them out of it and made them competitive from a recruiting perspective again. They hadn’t been relevant in a bit. Saban made them relevant again.

I’m not saying BK will be a total failure but at the same time he’s never competed in a conference like the SEC or a division like the SEC West. Matt Hayes, and many others, lust for some story line that brings the downfall of Saban and Alabama and this time they are reaching for BK.

Texass has a long, long way to go. Maybe Sark pulls it off but I doubt it. The boosters just have too much control there. And OU has to figure out how to play defense in the SEC. Venebals has as good a change as anyone to do it but it’s still an uphill battle. Until Saban retires, the SEC West championship still goes through Tusca-loser!

If the expanded SEC ends up with two divisions, the likely scenario is Auburn & Bama move to the East and Mizzou moves to the west. That would totally change the dynamics of the West and Saban is then the East team’s problem every year. The West team’s will rotate on and off his schedule.

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I would like that. But then it just means you have to win in Atlanta vs. Tusca-loser.

So the West would add either Horns or Sooners but not both- which goes East?

We got 14 now, 7 in each division. If we add 2 to make it 16, each division has to grow by 1. OU & Tex kick out AU & Bama and we bring Mizzou across the Mississippi to make it 8 on each side.

So adding T&O for A&A is going to make our schedule easier?
Geographically it makes more sense. I don’t think Auburn is equal to either T or O.

Hope you’re right about that!

ut may have a long way to go, but with their level of talent the right coach could quickly turn them around.

Sark has never had much success as HC. During this past season, not a good visual that the ut players seemed to have given up on him. Don’t believe that boosters will give Sark enough time to turn it around, assuming he is even capable. Most ut fans here wish they had given Herman another year so they could now be in the hunt for a new coach.

I still think we get rid of 2 divisions. We’ll either have 4 team pods or every team will have 3 permanent rivals and rotate the other 12 opponents

Maybe LSU realized it needed a prayer at least and divine intervention absolutely- after all they lost to Arkansas this year so they are questioning everything about themselves :grinning::rofl:

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