Keep the Uniforms ...

with a performance like that. If the uniforms make that big of a difference, I am all for it.


The helmet was great. Would go really good with a red jersey.

Add white two stripe pants. That will remind us old farts of how we looked on black and white tv in the 60’s.

My 9 and 5 year olds didn’t prefer them. I’m afraid I agree. Guess I like our school colors.

My kids both asked at different times, “Who’s the team in black?”

I’m guessing the choice to wear black (I know it’s not called black, but that’s what it is to me) probably stems from:

A) the need to do something different after Auburn

B) trying to impress the increased number of Florida 18 y/o males who were surely watching the game.

Probably admirable goals if true. I still think something could be done with red and white that would accomplish the same goals.

Oh well. The win is the most important thing.

Well, the first thing to remember is the uniforms had nothing to do with the way we played. Once we get past that, it becomes a matter of taste–and whether we want to change the school’s colors.

I don’t care if they wear green if they play as hard as they did today

The helmets made it much better than the horrible grey unis against MSU a few years back but I still hate it. Really wish we wouldn’t wear such abominable unis. That being said, as the game proceeded I became less and less bothered bc of our performance.

I hope someday tradition becomes the norm again.

From the stands, I could not see the hog on the helmets. (I sat in the South Indoor Club and later in the South Outdoor Club.)

The major improvement in the black/gray uniforms was the numbers. When they wore them before, there were red numbers and they were unreadable at the game.

While I can’t stand that color for Arkansas, if they play like they did today, they can wear them all the time. :o

They look like a Darth Vader Halloween costume .

Main thing I liked about the unis was how we played in them.

My son, though, loved them. Dunno why he’s so fond of anthracite, but he is. And he’s an alum now too.

I didn’t care for the helmets, but like the jersey and pants. I thought it would have looked sharp with that helmet they wore in the bowl game last year.

I call them the “Pewter Porkers” . . .


I have two sons in their twenties and they loved the look. It grew on me as the game wore on and we dominated the Gators (terribly cheap to sell out my love for tradition for a thumping of the hated Gators living in South Florida, but at least I know there’s a problem). I do think bringing them out once a year probably helps with the recruiting and my traditional taste can handle it.

I didn’t think about the uniforms much. I was too busy watching the way the team played to worry or think about the change in uniforms. The helmets were a bit odd from long distance, but from close up they are spectacular.

I’d like to see them try the anthracite unis with the “chrome-dome” helmets.

Our Razorbacks should wear game uniforms featuring only Cardinal and White, the school colors. Loved the way our men played Saturday! Didn’t like the uniforms at all but the helmet was pretty cool.

This is the anthracite helmet I like. Got to have the red hog on it. Couldn’t see it on the silver helmet. Used to be someone could walk in sports bar and tell we were playing on the screen just by our helmet.

I could care less about uniform, I just love our red helmet with white hog. … er-florida
according to this article, the recruits loved them so why can’t WE old farts quit whining about the “traditional” colors & unis?

Guess we should keep the howl then when we call the Hogs if tradition doesn’t matter

I can handle the uniforms once every so often but the howl needs to stay in east Ark

Because we have opinions just like they do and our opinions count for just as much or more.