Keep the Baseball Antics, Lose the Woo (column)...

It’s great for Ric Flair and rap songs, but not for baseball in my humble opinion … -lose-woo/


Great article. It really bothers me.

Agree Dudley. Would help if the P A announcer would refrain from joining in or instigating it

I can understand how it can get under your skin. I don’t go to anywhere near as many games as others do. And I absolutely hated the wave, especially at baseball games. That said, a few weeks ago, the “woo” broke out at Baum and the TV announcers were like “We don’t know what is causing this,” but it seemed to unnerve the opposing team. I would never pretend to believe that the “woo” changed the way anybody played, but momentum is a funny thing. If that’s the way the fans can get involved and it is in some way unnerving, why not? I used to hate the , “Ah, ah, ah, swing, batter, swing!” when playing as a youth. That chant passed, so, too, will the woo.

As I recall, it started because the opposition was wooing during a game. (I can’t remember which team it was.) Then the Arkansas fans started it and (ugh!) it caught on.

I thought it was Auburn players that were wooing, but I can’t remember 100%.

Yes, it was Auburn. I kind of think it’s funny. I was walking through the concourse one game and it started. Even the workers in the concession stands were joining in.

Hate that sound.

Speaking of Ric Flair… I watched a documentary on him a while back. Much of it was a sit down interview on his career and life. His personal life has been a mess and he has squandered most of the money he earned on his lifestyle (including a couple of divorces related to his lifestyle). His son Reid (who was an up and coming Wrestler) died of a drug overdose. The interview was painful to watch. He certainly has a lot of regrets. A daughter Charlotte is a very successful WWE Wrestler now and Ric dotes on her.

I was like Dudley back in the day watching Ric and that generation of rasslers. They were exciting to watch. My best friend was the ring announcer for Jerry Lawlers show that stopped once a week in Louisville. He got to know many of the guys that eventually made it big. He had a hoot with them. He best saying was “just because they know who will win - we don’t”.

Both of my grandfathers never missed a match. And argued to the end that rassling was not fake. Which any pro rassler will tell you - come out and take the bumps and tell me it’s fake. Again - just because they know who will win - we don’t.

Agreed…it’s the worst.

Unfortunately, I have not been to one game at Baum all year so I don’t know exactly what y’all are hearing. I don’t recall hearing it at the two games I have seen live: at Memphis & at North Little Rock. There’s still a chance I can make it to Baum tonight, but that’s looking less likely as the day progresses, so I doubt I’ll hear it tonight, either.

Either way, I’m a traditionalist. I’m not a fan of things that stray from it–especially annoying things. Mostly hate the yelps & ah-ooo’s I’ve heard in Woo Pig Sooie. (BTW, I’m not sure I’ve heard that as much lately. Maybe younger people are learning. Or maybe my hearing is shot.)

I have been doing my best to educate the uninformed as to the proper way to call the Hogs. I tell them that they must be Arkansas State fans since they are using the wolf howl. It nearly always works.