Keep telling myself

And everyone else.

We did not lose the series tonight
We are playing for a CWS championship tomorrow night.

One game for all the marbles.

Would have taken it in a heartbeat before the season

I just have a tough time thinking they can put this one behind them and win tomorrow.

All truths. And I have faith.

I also have concerns. Pitching is highly stressed, bats have been non-existent, and morale has got to be low.

But I have faith.

If the team can convince themselves that they lost nothing tonight, then I’d put my money on the Hogs despite the stressed bullpen and the lack of hitting to date. But convincing them of that will be easier said than done.

Isaiah needs to shut m down tomorrow night. Law of averages says our bats wake up. It’s that simple.

Tomorrow has the making, if our bats wake up, of being a slowpitch softball score, but only if OSU’s bullpen is as depleted as ours.