Keep Hope Alive

I just went on my rant in another thread. But, looking at the situation it’s not all doom and gloom and I still think we’re on the right track. When we did predictions earlier in the season I thought we’d go 11-2 in non-conference, and still think we will.

First reason, I watched Texas play the past couple of days and they essentially got blew out against Northwestern and Colorado on a neutral court. They are VERY young and make a lot of mistakes. I think we’re a better team than them at this point and I originally picked us to win the Minnesota game, but I think the Texas game will be the game we get. And looking at the rest of our non-conference schedule, we’ve essentially got the potential upset teams in UT-Arlington and Fort Wayne out of the way. The next real threat I think will be Houston at home, but I think we will take care of business against them. I do think we’ll lose to OK State, got a chance to see them, much better than I expected and it will be tough at their place. If we can do that 11-2 and then win 10-12 games in conference we’ll be fine, no need to jump ship just yet. It could be worse, could be Indiana losing to Fort Wayne:).

If you want to feel better, look around the country. There are tons of teams with losses–many with 2 or 3, already.

Matt is right that Oregon will be better but they’ve already lost 2 and narrowly escaped another. Georgetown lost at home to Ark State and has a couple of losses.

UCONN has looked awful. The Ft Wayne team we beat knocked off Indiana.

It’s college hoops. There are 5-6 elite teams and then a grab bag. We will win a bunch this year and many of our fans will enjoy exactly none of them.

I don’t get excited on the belief that our schedule might include some teams that are easy to beat. Would like to see a good basketball team winning those games.