Keep hearing the

coaches on the staff from other P5 schools being amazed by Arkansas’ facilities. They truly believe they have a shot if they get kids on campus.

I have never seen them but from pics I’ve seen we don’t take a back seat to Many in that area…I truly believe we can win big here.just have to get that ball rolling .

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The only part of the facilities that aren’t just up-up-and-away great (and I don’t use that word much) are the coaches offices. They are small and cramped. It’s the one thing that wasn’t done correctly. Hard for a coach to get more than two players in his office. Otherwise, what they have at Arkansas football in every area I can think of is top notch.

Agree. Very surprised by how small the assistant offices and the HC office is compared to some of the others you see online and what I saw at Oregon.

Dont ya think the Coaches Offices would be a simple upgrade in the big scheme of things.

Well, kind of hard to make them bigger in the current configuration, or nothing “simple”.

Guess you could knock out the walls on both sides of the building where the assistant offices are located. Not sure that will happen though.

Only way to upgrade them from the way I look at the building is to knock down the walls on both sides. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Poorly done.

Well when they were planning it, Petrino probably didn’t want room for anyone but himself. The less face-to-face contact, the better.

Clay, didn’t I read some comments from you 2-3 months ago about how there were some compromises made in the design by Petrino so he could get a larger office and/or a private entrance to the office eventually used by Jessica Dorrell? Pretty sure I red that somewhere, and I thought it was you.

Not Clay, but as far as I know there’s no private entrance. There’s a front entrance where Clarinda Carr’s desk is located and then one that leads into the meeting room.

No, you are not remembering what I wrote.

The offices were never altered. There is a conference room that is connected to the head coach office through Clarinda’s office. It is the only meeting room on that floor. The head coach had given that room to Jessica in the original design. Of course, Petrino was gone before that building was completed. The new head coach used that room for a conference room, as it was originally designed to be used.

The plans were always the same. There were small rooms for nine coaches. There was a conference room. Nothing from the original plans were changed in that area of the coaches office.


OK…that is what I read, but I interpreted it incorrectly. I remembered it saying that the office intended for Jessica was next to the HC office - so he and/or she could go back and forth without detection. Thanks for the correction.

It was a meeting room in architects plans. But Bobby was going to give it to Jessica. It is next to HC office - exactly where you would put a meeting room.

Sounds like it was always planned as a “meeting room”, but perhaps at one time with different furniture than what is there now.


Yea meeting room for Bobby & Jessica!

Pitiful. Get CSP a well respected roomy office. I believe he deserves it and has already earned it. p.s… Bobby Petrino is long gone

Any future upgrades on the drawing board?

Kind of funny, cause in my mind when I hear the words coach’s office, I do not think of a palatial executive suite. I think of a cramped, dinghy, glorified closet that smells like wet socks.

That’s what guys like us remember from our inglorious playing days decades ago, mostly in HS (I guess we may have a few guys here who played in college?). But today, it’s all (well, almost all) about branding and first impressions. If Nick Saban or Kirby Smart or whoever has a “palatial” office, well then everyone recruiting against them in the SEC better have something similar. Same goes for the assistants.

Is it really needed to coach well? No. But you’ve got to impress and get the kids to sign with you before you have a chance to coach them.

One wonders when this spiraling arms race for facilities will end? Can’t go on forever.