Keep coming back to this

Interior Oline:

  • LG - Dlineman two years ago
  • C - walk-on (former walk-on now?)
  • RG - true freshman

Now you can tell me that Capps is now in his natural position, that Clary is much improved, and that Stromberg is a special talent. But at the end of the day, you aren’t going to win many battles against top D-linemen on good SEC teams when you’re playing that hand.

I think this is a legit “excuse” our offensive coaches have when it comes to some questionable play calls during the games. Much more difficult in your short yardage situations or when you might think about trying a run up the middle on 1st down, and probably a lot of other reasons a football coach could explain.

It’s just another problem we have to recruit ourselves out of. And apparently they’ve already started with Stromberg.

The unfortunate truth is that it takes more than one off-season to fix an offensive line. But still, proud of those guys and their effort. They fight hard.

The last coach that was supposed to be real good about recruiting OL didn’t do anything when our former OL coach went to Georgia :rage:

IMO our offensive scheme does not help these guys with run blocking. I hate watching us try to run out of the shotgun, every running play looks like a draw. If Clary’s snaps were a little faster it would help, but I would really like to see the qb move under center and go with a little quicker running plays on occasion. To me, it looks like we get some push, but the OL can’t hold their blocks long enough for the RB to get there and get thru.

I love power running football. But I must say, you can run power out of the shotgun. Just watch Auburn. Same blocking schemes as you would see out the I. Just different backfield formation

Yeah, same blocking scheme, but Auburn starts 5 seniors on OL.

Auburn struggled on the O-line last year. I remember watching that offensive line fail to get a push in the running game for most of the time against Arkansas last year, but they are a little better now.

auburn is winning with their defense. those guys are stout. they have a good young qb, one very fast receiver, a decent running back. i would glue a guy to their speedy wide out, double him all day, and key on him in the jet sweeps. don’t let him beat you. and put pressure on that young qb. question is can we get a couple of first downs on that defense.

O-line coach at Auburn is J.B. Grimes. He was let go by Gus and then brought back. Of course, J.B. has Arkansas ties. Played at Henderson and coached at Arkansas in multiple stints.