Keep CCM roll call

Arkansas has as much chance of persuading Venables to come here as an assistant as Morris has of beating LSU.

Not at shot at Swine for mentioning it because I know that’s a rumor, but it makes absolutely no sense.

I know it’s difficult to fathom, but still, make him say no.

Aww, gee. I feel this way also. Didn’t Saturday, but do now. But if he ever starts Hicks again … !!!

Notice I said Venables or someone similar. Brent ain’t the only top-notch DC out there.

I did - also said I wasn’t taking a shot. Heard the BV rumor too.

It’s a B.O.T. decision–they’re the ones that brought CCM here (not Long, not HY), and they’re the ones who over-ruled the wise ol’ Pryor who said it was not a good idea to build a Roman Coliseum for a bottom-dweller in the SEC West during some of the darkest days in the JFB football empire. Now, it’s more like Rome is burning and that BOT better not be fiddling around. The board will make or has already made this decision with and for Yurachek. Can’t help Morris that 20,000 tickets are unsold this season and 20,000 more will be unused next Saturday at home. Even worse, Chad doesn’t face the music well enough during adversity to give you confidence for the future: exhibit–his less than stellar decision making with QBs and scheme and horrendous approach to press conferences that don’t exactly inspire fans or future player families. Think we already know the BOT’s decision which means the RF (Scott Varady and Billye Veteto) will have to find a new, thicker checkbook and learn their hard lessons here. How deep are those Reynolds, Walker, Baum and NW Arkansas influential alumni and booster pockets these days on the hill?

Interesting…recruiting ranking comparing 74 to 63 is ridiculous though…the 74 could easily be the more talented class. It’s gonna be a real sad time for you if he’s not fired isn’t it?:sunglasses:

Sad for the program if we have one of if not the worst coach by winning % in all of the FBS.

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How do you go 1 and 3/4 years and not show some potential offensive pop? We scored 50 the first game vs east I’ll, who was the worst team we played in the past 2 years plus, we scored 50 vs CSU, but that game hanging in the balance well into the 4th qtr. where is the offense? He is an offensive genius, right?Morris rolled the bones with hicks and starkel this year and it came up snake eyes, his only saving grace is KJ, if that kid comes in and lights up the game this weekend and then carries it forward, that is the only way he keeps his job, he has not delivered anything, but unwatchable football, and as Waylon Jennings sings “ain’t living long like that”

Just clean house now, and start from scratch. This team needs a new direction in leadership!