Keaton McKinney is giving up baseball

Unsurprisingly, Keaton McKinney says he won’t pitch again after undergoing Tommy John surgery for a second time earlier this year. I spoke to him this morning about his decision. … ond-tommy/

I don’t blame him! he gave it a great shot…Wish him well in the future!

I’m sure he’ll always question, “what if,” concerning the turning down of money, but I’m sure he’ll always remember Omaha and the fond memories. Glad he says he’s at peace with his decision, and certainly don’t blame him for seeing it’s time to move on.

Good kid.

Talked to one of his friend’s dad at the CWS and thought this could be the direction he was headed.

I really rooted for Keaton. I had hopes that he would turn out to be a right handed Nick Schmidt. Wish him all the best.

I appreciate Keaton and wish him all the best!

Life is a funny thing. It often goes in ways we do not plan. Thanks for being a Hog; good luck Keaton.

The young man has a positive attitude and will overcome a lot of obstacles in life that many folks would just back away from! I’m proud to see he has made a decision that he can live with and have a peace of mind.

I send my best wishes for future success in whatever endeavor Keaton chooses. He made a courageous effort to continue his Razorback baseball career. God Bless him.