Keaton McKinney had Tommy John surgery again

I spoke to Keaton today about his latest procedure and his future with the Razorbacks: … -second-t/

Matt did a good job with this story. It’s heart breaking to see Keaton have to go through this again. There is some thought out there that Tommy John surgeries are routine now and that it’s easy to come back. Not so. It’s tough every time. For every two or three who do come back, there is one who does not. I don’t have exact numbers, but it’s not a sure thing at all.

Man…that sucks. Prayers up for him and his family.

I sure hope that’s he’s able to return healthy without pain! I will pray for him!
What a talent and great young man.

True. And the #s for players trying to come back from 2 are much worse I believe. Brutal.

I had the privilege to work with him some when he was a freshmen and I worked for the athletic department. As with every baseball player I met, he was a class act. But also, DVH is right that he will be successful with or without baseball, as he is an exceptionally bright young man.
I was really pulling for him to get to play again this year, as he must really love the game or he wouldn’t put his body through what he has.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up as its own story, you guys really do a good job of adding value to a subscription.

That is so sad I will be praying for him…

Good kid, bad luck