Keagan Provost Visit

This is a cool video from Friday night when the Arkansas football team – led by Bret Bielema – met with cancer patient Keagan Provost at the team hotel: … ld-cancer/

This is the kind of thing that makes winning football games seem trivial. In fact, I’d trade 10 years of 0-12 Razorback football just so little folks like Keagan could be fully healed. Hats off to Coach B and players for making Keagan’s day.

Great gesture by CBB…

If you don’t get a lump in your throat or a tear in your eye, well…

Watched it twice. I don’t even know what to say. Good job for our guys!!

There’s little doubt that Keagan is a real warrior. When I heard Bret talk about him afterward the game, I knew I needed to find out more. Glad I dug a little.

One of the really good things is that we have Keagan’s picture in this week’s magazine. That alone makes this a special magazine.

Amen Hawgjawbend…this video hits home hard with me and my wife. We have dear friends who have a 9 year old son (Eli Wiliams) suffering from brain cancer. One week Eli is playing basketball with my grandson the next week he is in surgery. It’s been a year and a half struggle for the Williams family including almost a year at St. Jude’s. The future on this earth appears to be short for Eli but in the past few weeks he’s been to Disney, honored as a captain at our church schools football game and was given the VIP treatment at a recent Vols game. May God bless this family. The picture of this youngster putting his arm around CBB brought me to tears. Thanks Clay for sharing. Football is so trivial compared to the pain many are going through. CBB show such compassion and love for his players and others. He is the real deal.

We need football (and sport) to get through some of our life struggles. But, we do need to remember it’s just a game. Our last issue of Hawgs Illustrated is full of those illustrations. Bo wrote about Kyler Williams. I wrote about Mike Bender, as did Nate Allen. Then there was the game column with pics of Keagan to lead off the magazine. And, now we have this week with the passing of Bobby Burnett and Jon Ragnow.