KB to Mizzou

It’s been said before, many times, it’s unlikely that he is actually on his offered scholarship.

About like the scholarship Chandler Morris would be on if he came.

Richard-do you know if we ever had him? If so, what was the turning point? Missouri was always there needing a QB. I would have thought Auburn would have been a better fit with Stidham gone.

Add story to that list of non power 5 qbs

You asked “why”? Most simple answer is : “it was a business decision “. Though I like his talent and attitude immensely.

If Storey starts next season opening day it would suck the life out of whatever hope we fans have left

kid wants to win in his last yr and chose the much easier division to do it in.don’t blame him.

KB not coming to Arkansas is not a bad thing. I have no problem with kids transfering to another school if things don’t work out but at the right time ( end of year / semester). In the case of KB and Nance, they quit on their team in the middle of the season. We are trying to establish a new culture, so why would you add someone who has already quit on his teammates before. And that team is #2. What would he do if he was on a losing team? I know what Nance would do.