KB to Mizzou

as expected.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -missouri/

Can we get some names of the next guys up for grad transfer?

Sure would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for the Gus visit today.

Well dang, moving on, Conner Noland needs to have a outstanding offseason.

How long had you known, Richard? Or had you known?

disappointment…just glad it wasn’t aubbie.

Rd, you sure wrote that story quick!! Lol

I was leaning towards to Mizzou for the last day or two, but in the last 24 hours two people in Missouri were hearing he had told the coaches he was coming.

How abt oh jalen hurts??

I’m tired.

if we had played decent throughout the end of the season and won a few more games I believe he would have been a hog…but because we have the worst power 5 team in the country who could blame him… We just plain sucked this season and next season will be no better the best hope we have is if Justice Hill decides to play QB for us next season

Time to move on.

No need to continue to talk about KB now. Wish him the best except when he plays our Hogs.


Hill isn’t a P5 QB. Just isn’t.

He’s a phenomenal athlete. Great kid. Great playmaker. Could definitely help us but he’s just not a P5 QB.

if John Steven Jones is a power 5 quarterback then don’t tell me Hill isn’t

Neither are

Oh well, next man up.

I wish him well, except when he plays us.

I just hope some fans don’t get on twitter and give him grief over it.

Surely that won’t happen…sarcasm

I wonder if a mod could combine all KB threads into one so we can move on.

I’m certain the sun will rise Wednesday morning.

Time to move on from the “circus” that is the Kelly Bryant sweepstakes! Glad to have this behind us and over.

Now I can accept this answer…with that being said why did we waste a QB scholarship last season on Jones?..we need qbs this spring? as awful as we were at that position and overall this season, we can’t afford to share talent with the drama club let alone the baseball team. We need all hats this spring to try to improve

Agree. Hogs fans need to come back to earth and realize there is not a quick fix.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Jones kid getting a shot. He knows how to win.