KB Interview

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I think the bond he has with CCM/craddock will be hard to beat,he said trust was a big thing and none of these others are near as close to him as CCM.

IDK what to think. It seems he’s really infatuated with Auburn to take two unofficial visits there, but they are unofficial. Does one official visit to Arkansas trump two unofficial ones to Auburn in which he will take his parents and personal trainer? IDK. Hope he comes, and I know at least one insider feels good about it. Suppose we’ll see Dec. 4.

Auburn will show Bryant the money to save Gus’ job.

Bag man is in place.

he doesn’t need to come back here,he already has a great relationship with CCM and IMO that is why he only been once,he saw all he needed to see.fingers crossed.

What do we have to offer him that would propel his career to the NFL,nothing. What we have to offer is a relationship with a former coach and the promise of a grass stained uniform after every game. We need to stop directing our focus on QBs and start focusing exclusively on building a O-line and then we will make every Qb,Rb and reciever better overnight. We are ragging on our Qb when we can’t protrct him and our rushing game is non existent against good defenses. No I don’t think KB will be a Razorback for thes reasons. WPS

I don’t have any idea what Kelly Bryant’s decision will be as to where he wants to play his final college season, but it’s for certain he will want the assurance that he will be the starting QB in order to further showcase his abilities for NFL scouts.
If Arkansas ends up being his choice that’s fine, but if it’s not then the Razorback coaches have to in the last two games allow the younger QB’s play exclusively to get game experience and evaluation in the case that one of them will be our best option next season if KB goes elsewhere.
Regardless who the QB is next season this coaching staff has a lot of work to do with improving the O-Line because if that group doesn’t show major improvement it really won’t matter who the QB is.
You can have a great QB, RB’s and WR’s and none of that matters if your O-Line can’t effective block and provide protection.
Football games are won and lost in the trenches, that’s where it all starts and ends in most cases, just look around the country at the better programs and most if not all have a solid foundation at the lines of scrimmage.

Go Hogs!

I wish he would but think he won’t for the reasons listed in hogbacker’s post. The OV here was respectful and courteous to CCM though.

That is what I have thought from the beginning and nothing more. IMO there is no way he comes here and is not a serious consideration. He appears to be a very fine, gracious young man who says all the right things and I appreciate his courtesy and professionalism but I have doubted since day one he would come here and still believe that. Those are simply my feelings as I have no inside info BUT I sure hope I’m wrong.

I hope our offensive line play doesn’t turn KB away. Because to be honest I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to play behind it

I just don’t see him coming to a program that is in a rebuilding stage. I think he wants to go to a program that has a chance to win a conference championship and maybe compete for a national championship.

Such an encouraging thread… :wink:

What kind of NFL team would you think he will end up with? I just wonder how much of a hog fan you are.

I been a hog fan for over 50 years. Just telling like it is.

“Just telling it like it is” is indeed very telling.

Not meaning to make anyone mad because it’s been a frustrating season for all of us but I just see KB looking for a better team. I hope I’m wrong but I guess we’ll see Dec 4.