KB interview after Auburn visit

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As I have been saying, he is ever the politician

Question: ‘What’s important to you in this decision?’

Bryant: “The relationship. The biggest thing I’ve been saying is that everybody is looking at this like a one-year thing — which it is from an athletic standpoint — but it’s not just for one year. This is a lifetime decision. Just looking at somewhere I can see myself coming back to, to the university, and pouring into younger guys — eventually may live here, settling down. Those have been the biggest two things. This is a lifetime decision, and also the relationship with the players and coaching staff as well.”

Well, Morris has the relationship with Bryant and NW Arkansas is one of the fastest, prettiest, job opportunities, good schools(if he ever starts a family), etc. in the country. That’s two pluses for us at least.

Do we know the status of Stidham? If he’s not coming out, then I don’t see why Auburn would be pushing for Bryant.

This is what’s giving me hope.

I’m thinking Auburn. I just think they have more pieces in place to help him be successful on the football field next year.

OC leaving Auburn. I’m sure KB has been in the loop here.

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Well if he wasn’t he is now lol…one would think he knew it was happening though.

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I wonder if the fans & other Auburn brass expressed to KB all the “Love” they don’t have for Gus.