KB...according to Knoxville SportsTalk Reporters

is headed to AU. Have no idea how much teeth this has.

My money is on Auburn.

That’s not surprising.

I know everyone of us would love the kid, but honestly what is he looking for? Being a SR, he may be looking for a chance to lead a team to the NC, and unfortunately AUB is closer than the other teams on his list.

It will be interesting to see how the QB situation works out if KB opts to go elsewhere. I can’t imagine that Hyatt will return, and CK seems like a very long shot to be on the roster as a full-time QB next year.

That would likely leave Storey, two redshirt freshmen, and a true freshman in the running. Which probably means we will have more QB drama in the spring and fall camp.

Nothing would surprise me. So much for the trust KB had with CCM. Gus is also on the hot seat and would say or do anything to get KB to come to Aiburn.
Until the ink hits paper there’s a chance for anything to happen.

$$$$$ another Cam Newton situation .

Dudley/Richard think he is coming here unless they have changed their mind,so until I hear differently I will remain confident.

Youdaman, I sure hope you are right .

Watch him go to the Tarheels, but the two programs he could step right into and excel best in their offense are Arkansas and Auburn. At one, he has a chance to lead a down program up to say six wins and go to a minor bowl if he doesn’t get a season ending injury behind a currently very suspect offensive line. The other has a chance to contend for an SEC title, maybe play Clemson in the playoffs, and they have, currently, far better receivers, linemen, and defense returning. If CCM gets him to play for him rather than Gus, we got us a great recruiting head coach. JMVVVVVVVHO

Well… as expected we’ll get to see him in action at DWRRS!

Why would Kelly Bryant tell some guys in Knoxville where he was transferring to? It sounds like gossip and speculation.

I never expected Kelly Bryant to come here because our program is at death’s door, but maybe Auburn’s out of cash after raising the funds for Gus’ buyout. :lol:

I would be foolish to claim he will not end up at Auburn because anything can happen in recruiting.

But the odds that a radio host in Tennessee knows more than anyone else would seem to be long.

Now one could throw that out and make a splash, but that doesn’t mean they have any other reason than he visited.

I have people - who are great friends of KB - that I trust. When they change their tune, I’ll be glad to flip.

But until and unless they do, I will just say they continue to have their reasons he “should” end up here.

It was Eric Ainge reporting…I don’t think he has great sources, but he works for Hyams who does. IMO, EA has no “inside” knowledge. As you suggested, prolly nothing more than intelligent speculation.


Doesn’t Stidham return for Auburn?

Stidham is a senior.

Negative. He is a junior

As far as him turning pro…he is only completing 60% of his passes, he is 58th nationally in Passing Yards per game, and 77th for QB rating. Comparatively for the QB rating, Stidham is 129.53, Ty Story is 124.96.

Yes, Stidham is a junior.

lol…yeah, in this case meaning a guess not totally without merit.