Katv should rebroadcast some old JFB coaches shows

Bud Campbell
Dave woodman
Rough to you by Ledwell and son

Maybe Bazzell can make that happen

Yes!!! And make them available in an archived format. Pleeeeeeeaaaaase

Would be pure gold

Would love to see the one after the 1971 Texas game and the one after the 1975 A&M game.

Did they have a coaches show back in '64?

In 1964 the coach’s show was an hour long and they showed virtually every play.

I remember when Orville had like a 15 minute slot on Sunday, wasn’t it Clay? It was called the “Orville Henry Show”, I believe. Anyone else remember?

I’d love to see those, too.

However, one major issue is their existence. I doubt that many of those were taped at all (in the 60’s), and even if they were, who knows where the tapes are today - if the even still exist.

Also, realistically, from KATV’s perspective, the audience for those would not be large - in TV market share terms. Sure, all of us 60 and older would love to see them. But anyone under 50 realistically has no recollection of Frank as a Coach. Some of our diehard “younger” (relatively speaking) fans might tune in just to see what the hubbub is all about for about 10 minutes. But the difference is that it’s nostalgic for us olders - we remember those games first hand, and many remember seeing the coaches show following the games when they were originally broadcast. It just doesn’t hold that same allure to those who are younger (for the most part).

“Ask Orville Henry”

Clarence, that is right. I had forgotten that name, but I tuned in every Sunday to get the inside stuff from Orville. He always had the information you wanted. He had Coach Broyles’ ear and knew what he could and could not say. Those days are long gone.

I used to have to give him some questions. I often was sitting in corner. He would be wearing shorts. Funny. Couldn’t see shorts.

That is funny. I watched a reporter do a live spot in front of the post office (tax day report) a few years ago. She was dressed to the nines on top, then was wearing jeans and tennis shoes. She was also smoking until right before they went live. She quickly through away her cigarette about 5 seconds before they live. They shot her of course from the waist up, not smoking!