KATV is replaying 2000 Cotton Bowl

Tonight at 7:00.

Hogs demoralize Horns.

Great memories.


Poor old Major Applewhite is still eatin’ grass.


3 plays I remember from that game:

  1. Applewhite injury
  2. Stoerner miraculously finding Cobbs and Cobbs rambling down the sideline
  3. Long pass to Lucas from our one yard line

A great day!!!

I spent that millenial new years with friends in Montreal and missed going to that game. I live in Dallas but didn’t have the faith against the Longhorns that year sadly and I have never watched any replays. I’ll try to watch it online tonight, thanks for the heads up!

I recall the very first scene on the screen right before the kick-off was this burly, hairy barrel-chested Arkansas fan and in some weird kind of way I thought right then that we were going to win the game which before that moment I was uncertain if we could win and sure enough it was all down hill from there.

I am guessing there were many good defensive plays, didn’t we hold them to negative rushing yards for the game?

Lol you beat me to it!!

Here is the whole game if you are out of area,

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Well, the Applewhite injury was a defensive play. Not sure, but I think it was DJ Cooper that hit him…

Is the game on? I am trying to watch it online but can’t find it!!!

Yes it is

Eight sacks are the main reason we held them to negative rushing. But they had 14 yards in minus plays on rush attempts other than sacks too.

I would like to know what Mack brown and players said after the game.

Thanks man, you saved me! I watched it from your link.

The Greater Tulsa Razorback Club got together for a watch party on Cherry Street in Tulsa. I remember that an OU fan was there and could not understand why we were still nervous in the 4th quarter. We just said, “It’s texas.”

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