Kareem Reid AAU team.....

Yesterday we traveled to Atlanta to see my niece’s daughter play basketball in the girls Summer Slam event at the Georgia World Congress. She plays for AAO Reid Flight 2022 (14 year old girls). I’ve posted before that the parents and girls love Kareem. We’ve been able to get to know him a little and he is a hoot. This event features over 300 teams with games going on continuously on 32 courts. College coaches from across the nation are there to evaluate players. Per NCAA rules the coaches cannot visit with players or parents at this event. But they sit at the end of the courts very visible. If you’ve not seen girls basketball at this level you are missing a treat. These kids can play. Some notes:

  • Visited with Coach Neighbors for a few minutes. Thanked him for coming home. What a nice guy.
  • Saw Corey Beck’s daughter play. She is tough like her dad. And very good.
  • Yesterday Kareem’s gals played former Hog Tarik Wallace’s team from Richmond VA and won handily. Kareem an Tarik were teammates and had not seen each other in years.
  • Kareem is still close to Nolan. They talk and text regularly. Rose and Nolan have been under the weather some but are doing fine now.
  • We took our 9 year old grandson who lives here near us in Chattanooga. He is an avid Hog fan and loves baseball and basketball. His dream is to play for the Hogs someday. Kareem was cracking up at him wearing his Hog shirt and talking about playing for the Hogs. Before we left the grandson went over to Kareem and said “I’ll see you in Fayettville someday when I play for the Hogs”. Kareem gave him a hug and laughed.

A good day.

Thanks. I enjoyed that thoroughly.