ESPN said Kansas has14 quad 1 wins. That is more than 60% of their wins. And the average NET rating for Big 12 is 27 (SEC is 72). Both numbers are amazing. And yes, one number is a result of the other number, but still……

Yep. Pretty impressive. Self has put together what maybe the best team money could buy. Lots of string @ss offers in there.

Kansas has never had the talent of Cal and others, but Self is a great coach.

Self shouldn’t be coaching! He was buying players way before NIL! He’s in the same turd pile with Grease Ball Cal!
The Kansas team has played well this season. I hope they get beat in the first game of the dance.

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Either Self decided not to go the one and done route or one and dones have opted to go to Duke or Kentucky. So his teams generally have more experience plus he is an exceptional coach.

If he wins national championship this year, it will be a back to back championships with two quite different rosters. That will be an. Impressive accomplishments.

Too bad we didn’t hire Self instead of Heath.


If we had, we wouldn’t have kept him.


Why not?

He was HC at Illinois at the time Nolan left, which is not a bad job; it was probably better at that moment in time than Arkansas was. Went to the Elite Eight in 2001, Sweet 16 in 2002. Dumped that a year later for Kansas after losing in the round of 32. Kansas still would have come open in 2003 when Roy left for UNC, and I bet Self would have taken the KU job.

Ask Marty about Self’s tendency to go back on his word. IIRC, he promised ORU he wouldn’t take the Tulsa job, then did. But Marty remembers that better than I do.

True that we might not have been able to keep Self if/when KU had come calling. But just think how much better off our program would have been if we could have had Self–even for a year or 2, and erased the entire Stan Heath era. That still stings to this day.

Barf! He’s a da__ cheater is what he is.

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Let’s say Show Cause came for a year and then took the KU job. Doesn’t mean we could hire somebody good to replace him, especially with John White sticking his fingers in the pie. Stan could recruit, and we were competitive on the floor, but off the floor his program was a complete mess.

I always thought that Self was at Tulsa when they tried to hire him ?

Also, isn’t Selfs wife’s family from NWA?

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