Kansas v Kansas St. Brawl... Holy CoW!

As someone who grew up watching Memphis rasslin on TV, I recuse myself from this debate. Athletes picking up folding chairs to wack their hated rivals with was a normal part of my Saturday mornings.

I thought the same thing

You are calling them punks and thugs. Some TV analysts mentioned that baseball and hockey players brawl worse and nothing is made of it.

I think punishment for De Souza will depend on whether he actually hit anybody or not. It wasn’t clear to me whether any punch was landed. Certainly the chair did not make contact with anyone. Maybe someone who saw it live can shed some light on that.

Maybe Kansas players were still seething over the incident at the end of the Monmouth game when with the game decided, Kansas was trying to let the clock expire with a casual dribble but a Monmouth player stole the ball from behind and scored. And they said, not again.

My favorite rasslin line was from Jim Ross when he was the announcer for Bill Watts rasslin company “watch out for flying chairs”.

There are two big differences to me. First, fighting is kind of part of the culture in baseball and hockey. You just don’t see it much in basketball.

But what really stands out is that those fights are contained to the playing area. Because of the way basketball arenas are set up, fights in basketball can quickly put fans in harm’s way. I think that is what bugged me more about last night’s fight than anything, that it spilled over into a seating area, including where ADA seats are located.

I NEVER said there was nothing wrong w it…I said it is gonna happen and is being over blown.
Nothing actually happened, meaning No significant blows and Nobody was hurt…FACT.
But why don’t you get upset about it!

Young men and competitive emotions. But it will never happen again…Anaomoly! :sunglasses:

I think Kansas State stealing the ball with the clock running out and Kansas trying to hold it at midcourt is the reason there was a fight. Now, the Kansas forward definitely started it. But it begins with the Kansas State coach not being able to contain his players from stealing the ball. He told them not to, but they went for the steal anyway.

This is a bitter rivalry. No doubt about that. And, that’s part of it.

I think you will see the Kansas player return at some point this season. Afterall, Kansas basketball calls the shots in that state. They might do it just to make the K-State people mad.

My take on all of this:

Oh No Toto!

Yes, that’s from an old movie.

Both good points Matt.

aka - K. State was childish so Kansas gets to be childish.

I do think that this is something that needs some more attention by the KState staff. I’m not trying to diminish what the Kansas player did, but that ridiculous steal started the adrenaline flowing.

They are punks! As a matter of fact Self is as much responsible for the culture he has created at Kansas as his players out! They have all lost their moral compass. Self should have lost his job long ago and The punk that started the incident last night should have never been allowed to play college basketball. Just like the pay to play player at Auburn and LSU.
This is a black eye on the leadership of the NCAA!
They will come out with punishment it may fit the crime but it sure hasn’t fit the standard they have to be eligible to play!

Exactly Matt Fights should never involve fans, especially special needs people.

A buddy sent me a text to ask me about it. He said that Fox Sports said it was Arkansas. Ugh…

Stealing the ball when down big and time running out happened recently in an Arkansas women’s basketball game too, by the opposing team, not Arkansas. Didn’t result in any heated discussions that I recall. Might have been the same game that Dungee almost got into it with an opponent toward the end of the game though.

I was there. Neighbors shouted down the sideline to the Mizzou coach that it was BS. They talked about it a few seconds later in the handshake line and it looked like the Mizzou coach was apologetic.

A few minutes earlier the teams had gotten into a little bit of a verbal confrontation that resulted in offsetting technical fouls. It’ll be interesting to see when they play again later this year.

I am confused- is it punk or pink?

They fight about as well as Todd Day.


To his credit Bruce Weber took responsibility for KSU starting the whole thing.

What Matt was really saying is that crowd being so close to the playing area in basketball, it is not easy to contain the brawl away from where fans sit.

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